I read an interesting article this week on that talked about emerging social media sites that “WE”, yes you and I, should pay attention to. The list consisted of five social media sites including foursquare, Google buzz, Loopt, Groupon and last but not least, Blippy. I don’t have a problem with the first four sites on the list but I did get really annoyed with Blippy.

According to, Blippy is a fun and easy way to see and discuss what everyone is buying. My first thought was how worthless this site is but then I realized what kind of society we live in. We seem to be so obsessed with the lives of those around us. Blippy is the perfect site to find out how much your friend spent on shoes at Foot Locker or how much your girlfriend really spent on that new purse. Stuff that people really care about,RIGHT? It all sounds STUPID but let’s face it this site could be the next big thing. I feel like we are constantly searching for the next social media site to become addicted to. I don’t have a problem with change but if this, Blippy, is the next big thing then I want nothing to do with it.

The social media site on the list that I feel could be most useful to our clients is Groupon. As a future PR practitioner I would encourage my clients to incorporate this social media tool into their business. With Groupon companies can offer deals to the public based on, here’s the catch, how many people sign up for the deal-of-the-day. A company could offer customers a free product but only if 50 people sign up for it. If consumers can generate enough buzz about the product or service then they are rewarded with the deal being offered that day. This is a great way to generate brand awareness for any company. I feel like this is something worth signing up for. 

It will be interesting to see which site creates the most buzz. Whatever it is hopefully it makes our society better not dumber! 


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  1. dolson says:

    Is it really surprising that something as trivial and frivolous as Blippy is creating so much excitement? I think this new wave of social media sites is just a different symptom of the same disease: people’s fascination with shiny stuff. You see the same thing happening down the years, as the next big craze over something like tulips or fur hats or a toy makes headlines. It makes people happy and they are willing to spend their money for it, so why not push something like Blippy?

    I like the Groupon idea, though. The participation creates a feeling of inclusion for the users, and the concept is clever. I also like the reactions to sites like these. For foursquare, there is, which displays every tweet showing a person’s location. The idea is to create awareness for personal safety, although I have yet to hear of someone’s home being burglarized after tweeting about going to Starbucks or wherever.

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