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The PR Approach to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an enormous source of information, but its “anyone can edit” quality right away punched holes in its credibility. This has improved down the years, but the day has yet to arrive when we see Wikipedia as a superior … Continue reading

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Nestle learns the hard way

I love the saying work smarter, not harder. I think it applies to everything a person can encounter in his or her life, and now with the always evolving emphasis to use online media I think it applies to companies … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s talent discovered on YouTube

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber was discovered on everyone’s favorite social media video website, YouTube. Bieber has taken the world by storm with one heartthrob song after another, and he is just 16-years-old. Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother, began posting … Continue reading

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eReader for iPad

We can only hope that our grandchildren will never have the option to ask us what a newspaper is. However, with the internet and new digital opportunities arising there is more of a chance of that scenario occurring. Imagine being … Continue reading

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Pepsi to restrict caloric beverages in schools, but will Coke?

Over the past few years, many issues about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating right have become a concern across America, especially for children. Recently. Michelle Obama launched a nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity called the “Anti-Childhood Obesity Initiative.” … Continue reading

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Good PR for Jesse James?

I’m sure most of you have already heard the allegations of Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock. These allegations come at an awful time especially since Bullock swept this award season, and many would say she is at the peak … Continue reading

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Soft drink giants go hard on advertising

While cruising in the car one beautiful day in Phoenix, I noticed a billboard that The Coca-Cola Company had paid to put up somewhere on Indian School rd. The advertisement portrayed LeBron James in all his glory approaching the rim … Continue reading

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Twitter for those of us that haven’t jumped all the way on the wagon

I have to admit that the Twittersphere is still a little intimidating to me. I know, I know, if social media were a class I would probably be failing the participation part. Last semester, the Phoenix PRSA chapter hosted a … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Twitter

With the advent of Twitter, YouTube, camera phones and social networks, news, comments, audio and video of any event or incident can speed from one end of the world to the other, crisscrossing the Web a million times before any official statement from authorities, investigators or PIO’s reaches the public’s eyes.

How can a public relations professional or PIO ride this wave of information instead of getting smashed against the rocks in an information maelstrom?
Continue reading

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I read an interesting article this week on that talked about emerging social media sites that “WE”, yes you and I, should pay attention to. The list consisted of five social media sites including foursquare, Google buzz, Loopt, Groupon and … Continue reading

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