Jesse James: Can admitting fault be enough?

This week Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock’s, man, Jesse James came out and made a statement about his cheating allegations. No longer staying in the dark about this matter, Jesse James came clean in an interview with People magazine admitting to his “poor judgment.” James doesn’t go into detail about his wrongdoings but admits that he had made some serious mistakes.

From a PR stand point, I thought this was the best thing he could do. So many times we see celebrities and other public figures just try to shy away from dealing with the issue, when in fact this makes the whole situation much worse. Especially given the circumstances that Bullock just won her Oscar for her role in “The Blind Side,” there is already so much positive attention around her, I think it is unfortunate that something like this would come out at a time when she should be celebrating. There is also the issue of his children and how they are being affected in the whole situation which needed to be taken into consideration.

I think if you look at the recent case with Tiger Woods, waiting in the dark for things to blow over rarely will work to your advantage. That is why though the statement I think should have been made in a timelier manner I think that James’ PR person probably told him that this won’t go away and rumors will continue to flow if he doesn’t start talking. Sure opinions will be made as he basically confessed. However, now that it is out and he publicly apologized I think that his honesty can be respected and now the family can cope on their own and no longer will it be a rumor flow in the tabloids. From a PR perspective I think that addressing the problem head on is the most important thing so recovery can take place.

Here is the article to read more on Jesse James’ apology. Click here.

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2 Responses to Jesse James: Can admitting fault be enough?

  1. jalbaz says:

    From a PR perspective, I completely agree with your view point that he did the right thing by coming out and apologizing/admitting wrong. The best thing to do is talk in situations like this, in order to stop more speculation and negativity, as long as you don’t over-talk and say too much and bring the spotlight onto you more. It is the best idea for Woods and James, from a PR view, to after apologizing going and removing themselves from media spotlight for awhile (basically go into hiding). This way people eventually move on to talk about other things and the matter can be made personal again. His image with forever be tarnished, but maybe he can revamp it a little by staying away from being talked about.

  2. cwilusz says:

    I think it was good of James to release a statement because so much media attention was on him and the world wanted to know. My only problem with his statement is that he did not admit fault. He just said he was sorry to his wife and kids but then admitted that he did not think he did anything wrong. So my question is why would you admit fault when you weren’t guilty of anything?

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