Barnes & Noble Nook Better than the Kindle?

After going into Barnes & Noble the other day to purchase a book for my communications class I saw this little flyer at the checkout line. After having picked up the flyer and starting at it for a moment I decided to ask the checkout woman what a Nook was? Do you know what a Nook is?

Apparently the Nook is the newest e-Book in town. It is Barnes & Noble’s version of the Kindle, which was released last November. The Nook is the first Android-powered e-book featuring a 6-inch color touch screen allowing users to navigate all content and use a virtual keyboard to perform searches. The Nook is very similar to the Kindle; they both are selling or $259 and have a built-in 3G wireless connection through AT&T.

Since the Nook’s release, many people like me have been asking which is the better product the Nook or the Kindle? After researching both products and comparing and contrasting, I found both positives and negatives to each product. The Nook weighs in at 11.2 ounces versus the Kindle, which weighs 10.2. The Nook has a battery life of 10 days, while the Kindle has a battery life of 14 days.  Both the Nook and the Kindle can hold up to 1500 eBooks, but Barnes & Noble offers over 1 million eBooks to choose from, while the Kindle only offers 450,000. The Nook also provides Wi-Fi connectivity and a memory card slot, where in enables users to get 2GB of internal memory and up to 15GB micro on an SD card.  The Nook also offers users the option of the “Quick Library View by Book Cover”, which enables Nook users to be able to view the actual image of the cover of the book.  The Nook also offers more than 500,00 free eBooks. One big benefit that many have found outweighs the Kindle is the replaceable battery that the Nook offers that the Kindle does not. The Nook allows users the ability to loan books with anyone who has a Nook or Barnes & Noble software on their desktop or smart phone, although books can only be lent out once per user. To view all comparisons between both products here.

While there are many pros and cons to each device, I personally would choose the Nook because after reading about both products and researching all of the features each product has to offer it is very apparent that for a Barnes & Noble friendly user like me, the Nook is the better choice. It is crazy to think that this is what the world of obtaining and reading books has evolved to.  It makes me wonder, will this be the next way we will be getting our news?

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  1. hhoma says:

    Has Barnes & Noble launched a PR campaign for the Nook yet? I vaguely heard about it prior to reading this blog, but I would think that a company as well-known as B&N would have done something huge to announce its new product.

    It seems like a pretty good product, and in my opinion, better than the Kindle. I have a feeling that B&N has a larger consumer following than Amazon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people start to choose Nooks over Kindles when they decide to buy an e-reader. But just wait until Apple releases a device that’s sole purpose is for e-reading, and I guarantee that it will leave all the others in the dust, just as it did with mp3 players way back when.

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