Justin Bieber’s talent discovered on YouTube

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber was discovered on everyone’s favorite social media video website, YouTube. Bieber has taken the world by storm with one heartthrob song after another, and he is just 16-years-old. Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother, began posting videos of him singing versions of songs by Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and more. The music videos eventually caught attention from Scooter Braun, who decided to fly Bieber to Atlanta to meet with R&B singer Usher. Usher eventually won a bidding war against Justin Timberlake and when he gave Bieber an audition with Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Bieber was signed to Island Records in October 2008.



Bieber  has been the biggest star exposed from YouTube thus far. However, there are millions more pressing their luck. It boggles my mind how Justin Bieber was a regular child singing to his favorite lyrics and with his mom’s and the help from YouTube he became the next pop sensation. I have even heard of models and actresses being discovered from Myspace. They will post pictures of themselves and network using social media.

Will YouTube, Facebook and Twitter continue to grow and uncover celebrities? Is this going to be a new trend for the future?

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1 Response to Justin Bieber’s talent discovered on YouTube

  1. hmick says:

    I think that people will still continue to be “discovered” online but I think that there will start to be more websites directed at discovering these unknown artists. I remember before Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube there were people being discovered on MySpace. I find it ironic actually that Justin Bieber is now a “super star” because I remember that I came across his YouTube videos about 2 years ago and thinking to myself “this kid is really good”! I even took it as far as showing my friends and family his videos and to my surprise, a few years later, here he is singing on MTV!

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