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We can only hope that our grandchildren will never have the option to ask us what a newspaper is. However, with the internet and new digital opportunities arising there is more of a chance of that scenario occurring. Imagine being able to surf the web, check emails, tweet your every move, read the Wall Street Journal and books from Barnes & Noble all on one device. The Barnes & Noble eReader application for iPad will serve as a digital book strategy that will give users access to Barnes and Nobles eBookstore with more than one million eBooks, magazines and newspapers, plus access to its existing library. (That includes eBooks and content customers have downloaded to their nook™ eBook reader.)  The eReader app for iPad will be released the same day as the iPad, April 3. Barnes and Nobles already has an existing app available for MAC, PC, iPhone, iPod touch, and Blackberry with millions of downloads already.


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The eReader is the newest and most fascinating iPad app, and according to Barnes & Noble’s  main goal is to provide consumers with any book, anytime, anywhere. Since the eReader is on the most popular phones and soon to be devices it will be more accessible to just use one hand held tool wherever you go. With the internet growing and print turning to online news the eReader app is the latest step towards hand-held digital reading.  Paul Hochman, manager of content and social media at, wrote in on nook and Barnes & Noble’s eReader blog. “To be released around the time of the iPad’s expected availability; the new Barnes & Noble eReader will join our growing list of free eReader software for most computing and mobile devices.” After you download the software you must pay for your downloads. However by having, the eReader app on your mobile device or iPad it will give consumers a more convenient lifestyle rather than taking a drive to the store for the paper or to Barnes & Noble’s to buy the new Stephen King novel.

Businesses can use eReader to enhance success by being more aware that it is becoming more present in our society and we should invest in it. Like Netscape founder, Marc Andreessen, said, “You gotta burn the boats.” This past week on Romenesko’s blog Andreessen urged old media to abandon print. He also said, “All the new [media] companies are not spending a nanosecond on the iPad or thinking of ways to charge for content. The older companies, that is all they are thinking about.” By embracing the future of the journalism world around us, it will undeniably create exciting business opportunities and success.

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  1. aguido says:

    I do think it is incredible that everything in print can eventually be found on a portable tablet, and that it is a great business opportunity. It is becoming obvious that more and more people are getting their news from the Internet and not from a printed, daily newspaper. The Internet is just more timely. Many other newsworthy stories may have occurred while that paper was printing, so it is easy to understand why people turn to the Web more for their information now.

    One prospect of the eReader that I just cannot jump on board with, however, is the idea of reading books electronically. I have a job where I work on a computer eight hours out of the day. The last thing I want to do when I come home is look at another computer, but I deeply enjoy reading. I find it so relaxing to read a book before I go to bed. Having difficulties falling asleep myself, I have often consulted various sources for tips to fall asleep. I often encounter the opinion that electronics should not be used immediately before bedtime because electronics stimulate the body or senses in some way. I have indeed noticed this to be true for myself (whether because I was given the idea electronics would do that or because they actually do) and don’t think reading an eReader before bed would be my favorite option. So on that note, I dearly hope that print copies of books remain through the times, but perhaps others will find the eReader more useful. I think it is a great way to distribute other media sources and definitely foresee it being a huge success.

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