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Journalism and PR

It seems like just about every time the discussion of the PR program in the Cronkite school comes up, I hear the same basic complaint: not enough PR experience. And truthfully, I can’t say I disagree. From the moment we … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

In a world that perhaps need no more examples, two recent PR disasters showcase how important the fundamentals of public relations are, especially to prominent brands or people. Given the glaring missteps, the firms handling crisis communications for Toyota and … Continue reading

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Ding, Dong the Noob is Dead!

Have you ever been forced to sell anything door to door?  Whether it was cookies, wrapping paper or window tint, the anxiety of ringing doorbell after doorbell is enough to make even the sweetest of cookie pushers cringe. That is … Continue reading

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Fundraising Through Social Media

We all know that social media plays a large part of our lives and the lives of everyone around us.  In just two minutes, word of a new device from apple, or a tragic earthquake in Haiti can be spread … Continue reading

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The Art of Presenting

Presenting is a skill.  It is not something that you become great at overnight.  It takes preparation and the understanding of what type of audience you are presenting to.  As public relations professionals, knowing how to present information is an … Continue reading

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Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

I only have one major bit of advice to avoid “Death by Powerpoint:” AVOID POWERPOINT AT ALL COSTS! The first time I heard the phrase, “Death by PowerPoint,” was last semester by a fellow V3 Communications collegue. We were preparing … Continue reading

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Are social media sites the new connector between crisis news and the public?

It is so crazy for me to think that many people get their news from social media sites now rather than actual news sites. Its not like they are only using the social media sites, but it is more of … Continue reading

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Choosing wisely on Twitter – it’s all about image

When you have your own personal Twitter, it is fun to follow groups, teams or whatever interests you. You essentially have free roam over what you do on your account. It is probably wise not to follow certain incriminating Twitter … Continue reading

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