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Pay for Starbucks with your iPhone

Imagine going into a store without any cash, just your iPhone and your keys. Our future is starting to look like this. Starbucks recently came out with an idea to collaborate with Target stores, so customers can pay for Starbucks … Continue reading

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Making Social Media Sexy

When pitching social media to clients, you better make it sexy.

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How long should you wait for your meal while dining out?

After coming back from my spring break cruise, it has taken some time for me to get accustomed to not having unlimited supply of food at all time or the option of trying every single thing on the menu. On … Continue reading

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Jesse James: Can admitting fault be enough?

This week Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock’s, man, Jesse James came out and made a statement about his cheating allegations. No longer staying in the dark about this matter, Jesse James came clean in an interview with People magazine admitting to … Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble Nook Better than the Kindle?

After going into Barnes & Noble the other day to purchase a book for my communications class I saw this little flyer at the checkout line. After having picked up the flyer and starting at it for a moment I … Continue reading

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TOMS Shoes Campaign is the Definition of Success

I’m sure “ASU’s Day Without Shoes” event has popped up on your newsfeed. If it hasn’t there is most likely one or more of your friends on Facebook who were invited. This event was designed to promote TOMS, a shoe … Continue reading

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Was your internship illegal?

This past week I reviewed all of the companies who will be attending the PR internship interview day, and I noticed that very few offer paid internships. This really didn’t surprise me, since all along I’ve been told that most … Continue reading

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Good brand or bad brand?

The medical center that I intern at has a great reputation. It has an established brand which members of the community love. We met last week to discuss a new advertising campaign and ideas were thrown out while we brainstormed. … Continue reading

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Facebook v. Fakebook

Ever heard the term “Fakebook”?  This is a new nickname given to the most popular social media site in the world, Facebook.  Over 40% of Facebook profiles are actually fake, according to an article from  Recently, I personally was … Continue reading

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Take what you can get

In less than a month and a half I will have a degree from a four year university. In less than a month I will be expected to have a “real” job, not some serving job.  In less than a … Continue reading

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