You’re addicted to Facebook

The New Facebook Interface

Each time Facebook makes a change to the homepage whether it be photo uploading, news feed, friend requests or in general the new “look,” positive and negative sentiment takes over statuses for those who want to express “What’s on their mind.” For the most part, my friends expressed negative thoughts.

“Not getting the new look,” “not liking this new Facebook,” and “I don’t see this new interface,” are a few of the statuses I’ve seen in the past 24 hours. And if you haven’t seen the new interface, you’re obviously not a “social networking junkie,” no offense.

For starters, the new interface is smooth, the layout it nice, it doesn’t feel cluttered or confusing. Naturally it takes a few minutes to search around and see where to find icons, tabs,etc. Honestly, Facebook isn’t rocket science, the redesign isn’t that big of a deal.

The news feed is still in the same place, same as friend requests, suggestions, events and birthdays. The tabs on the side still direct the user where to go and how to find messages, events, photos, friends, application, games, and groups. The new layout improves navigation, increase activity with friends, and helps simplify the application/game finding process. If you don’t believe me listen to Product Manager Peter Deng of Facebook:

At times companies and businesses have to do something that redefines their brand or create a stronger presence. Facebook, like most companies, has to continually find news way to attract users and have the depth to hold them (400 million users). The redesign was to simplify the users life, quite frankly it worked.

Instead of prejudging the new layout actually use the new layout and see if you like it. From my experience with the new layout I can still utilize all the functions that I could yesterday and I don’t think those that developed it where trying to throw you for a loop. All the information I need most is “above the fold” and easy to find, just how I want my Facebook experience.

Let’s face it the new redesign isn’t stopping you from using Facebook and more than likely you will continue to sign on multiple times and day to update your status.

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8 Responses to You’re addicted to Facebook

  1. ebratkovich says:

    I was definitely very annoyed when Facebook changed its layout once AGAIN; however, after reading your comment about this, I’ve changed my outlook on it. You are absolutely right-Facebook has continued to do an effective job in changing up the layout and users are not going to simply delete their profile because of it. It takes several days to adjust but the new layout actually is pretty nicely organized. Like others, I find myself checking Facebook way too many times than I should but it has definitely helped me stay connected to friends who live out of state. I don’t even check my Myspace anymore, I’m curious about its popularity these days. Most people I know have deleted their Myspace profile or rarely check it-this is completely different from a couple years ago.

  2. a_hundza says:

    I’ll admit that my addiction to Facebook has evolved to being almost entirely on my BlackBerry, however I do log on via computer once or twice a day. I completely agree with your post on the “new” Facebook.

    I have been annoyed in the past with changes, but this time I actually enjoyed the changes and simplicity the changes created. I feel like the site matures, as you said in other words, and it just takes some people time to adjust.

    My only issue with this version is the seemingly constant trouble people are having with the picture uploader. If Facebook can fix that I think they will see much less complaints filing in. People often get angry at one thing and disregard the whole site upgrade right away.

    Great Post APerkey! 🙂

    • Aperkey says:

      April, I have tried to upload pictures yet but thank you for pointing that out! My Facebook usage definitely carries over to my Blackberry. Crazy addiction to social media!

      Thank you very much for your comment!

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  4. kwashburn says:

    I think Facebook changes it’s layout way too often. It seems right when I start getting used to the new one, an even newer one emerges out of nowhere. Each new layout is just as easy and efficient to use as the last, so why don’t they just leave it be?

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a big deal where people feel the need to post status updates on how much they hate it, but it is definitely irritating. I think Facebook creators should try out different layouts in their own systems and find out which one is the most efficient and works the best instead of constantly releasing new ones to the public once every two weeks. It causes too much stir since there are millions of users on Facebook.

    • Aperkey says:

      This is a great point. It does create quite a stir now that Facebook has more than 400 million users. Thank you so much for the comment!

  5. kmcnally says:

    I will be honest, i was a little frustrated when i first noticed the recent change in the Facebook layout, like many other people, and the reason people get so frustrated is because they don’t like change. They get so used to to the way that it works that when it changes on them, people begin to freak out. But you are completely right, the content is all the same, its just the arrangement that has changed. While it is or can be frustrating to some, others appreciate a little change. With the amount of members that Facebook has, i don’t think that you are going to find a happy result from all members when it comes to change. There will be some, but the odds of everyone liking and approving of the change is very rare. I think that once you look at the fact that even though the layout has changed, the content has not, and its the content that really makes a difference in the Web site, not just the layout. You just have to get accustomed to the new layout and everything will look up from there

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