Olympic mugshots?

If you watched the Games these past two weeks you must have noticed how little the athletes actually looked like their thumbnail head-shots on screen. They were fuzzy, poorly lit and made everyone look like a current-con. In a world where everything is HD, how could this be? And then I noticed the credentials hanging around Julia Mancuso’s neck. Or something like that. These unsightly portraits on screen were actually the mug shots from their id’s. They were taken with the same 1.0 MP beast that spits out your Suncard. So take out Sparky’s debit card and squint a little as you hold it up to the TV. Feel like a medal winner yet? Ok, squint a lot and hum the Olympic theme. Yep. Russia in 2014 here I come. And if a guy shaped like that could win the Bobsled Gold, then anything really is possible.

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1 Response to Olympic mugshots?

  1. jmetz says:

    I squinted! I am off to the Olympics in a few years to compete in gymnastics!

    Great point, I never noticed the mug shot looking photos. Hopefully they are smiling more when the camera is on them in Canada. I know I would have my nervous face on though.

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