Honesty is the Best Policy

Toyota recently launched a new PR campaign in which the company confronted their mistakes and their tainted reputation head-on with an honesty appoach. Two recalls for some of their models were issued regarding safety hazards with the acceleration pedal.

Dealing with the government and the consumer public alike, Toyota’s new PR campaign is attempting to save them face as well as somewhat legitimize their company brand image by owning up to the crisis situation at hand (which could ultimately result in the demise of the company’s success altogether).

“With Toyota waging a furious lobbying and advertising battle to protect its name following the recall of 8.5 million vehicles, many of its 1,200 dealers are taking matters into their own hands. A group in Southern California almost retained the PR firm Sitrick and Co. of Los Angeles. Insiders said the idea was nixed after Toyota officials said the company should speak with one voice — theirs,” reported the Associated Press.

I think that Toyota took the most mature and wise approach with their new PR campaign because it shows the company’s ability to take responsibility in such a sensitive crisis situation. Honesty is always the best policy and Toyota seemed to portay sincerity and took a potentionally risky business move in order to regain their consumer’s trust and respect.

I personally think that this type of truth/honesty PR campaign is the best method to go about saving Toyota’s reputation and brand image. There are several PR approaches and techniques that could have been implemented instead of this, any better suggestions for a more effective campaign?

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  1. rnettleship says:

    I agree. Truth is always the best option. It is never good to duck the truth and “hope” that it never comes out, because as everyone knows, the truth always comes out. I just wish Toyota would of acknowledged these faults a few years ago.

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