Contact who?

Why do some companies make it so difficult to have customers contact them? It never dawned on me until I took JMC 425, how poorly some websites are made…Especially the contact pages…

1576_question-mark[1]For the past hour I have been trying to get in contact with two music record labels. (No I am not an aspiring musician; rather it is a task that was assigned to me at my Public Relations internship at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.) I have searched their websites from top to bottom, left to right and clicked on every link possible to see if it could possibly take me to a phone number. I found one of the generic “help” email addresses that I wrote to already, but who knows how often that is checked. It precisely states underneath it that they get such a high flow of messages that they may never get back to my question! I then Googled contact information for that label record and came up with two phone numbers, the first one I try is labeled as customer service. I call that one and the phone rings endlessly; there is no automated message menu to select from or a voicemail machine. So I then call the second number I found. After my 30 second explanation of what I need, the man has no idea how to answer my question and provides me with a number to his “Corporate Headquarter’s Office” also known as a fancy name for customer service. Little did he know I had just called that number prior and got no help. So now I try to find anther record label’s contact information only to find it to be worse. It has been merged, split and bought out all within the past 50 years, making my search almost impossible. I then find a phone number through a Yahoo Finance page only to hear that the options available are dial your party’s extension, demo tape submission, employment, contribution and location information. When I dial zero for the operator they state that there is no operator on duty. It is in the middle of a business day, how does that make sense? My question is not even a complicated one and now I am unsure whether I will ever get it resolved.

I don’t understand how difficult it is to provide a simple to find page for customers to browse through if they ever have any concerns or questions, rather than making them angry by the time they find the company’s contact information. My advice to businesses out there that wonder why every customer that calls customer service is angry right off the bat is: Make your websites a little easier to peruse through and then maybe you won’t have to deal with an irate customer.

Alright now it is time for me to go back to search through my favorite search engine …Google:)20070606132747-i-love-google[1]

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3 Responses to Contact who?

  1. cwilusz says:

    I think a lot companies leave off there contact information on the sole fact that they would be flooded with pointless requests a day. Yes, I am sure there are certain people who truly need their questions answered but for the most part people just like to complain.

    On the other hand i agree with you maybe they could have a page that would answer basic questions. I think Bank of America is perfect with this and this is why they excel at customer service. When you are logged onto the website they have someone IM you with any questions that you might have.

  2. acarlin says:

    This is so annoying when this happens! I hate waiting on hold and being transferred to the wrong person who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I think that it would be helpful for companies to have a “contact us” page that breaks down the contact information for each department or inquiry.

    These days, there really is no excuse for companies to not have websites, or bad websites for that matter. Companies like offer instant live 24/7 customer service which is really helpful. You can talk to a live person at any time about anything you need to know.

  3. All so true. Some companies are getting religion on using their fan pages as a way to “communicate” with their customers in a cost effective way. A great way to freak out low level customer service people is ask to be transferred to the CEO. I got a new air conditioner from Sears years ago by going straight to the top.



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