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Breaking the code… are abbreviations taking over communication?

Nowadays, our generation is used to communicating in shorthand through text messaging, email and Tweets. With the limits on text messages and the 140 characters available to express yourself on Twitter, it seems logical that we can represent our message … Continue reading

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Small donation makes a big impression

Before the Winter Olympics began, the story that had everyone talking was Haiti. Since a devastating earthquake hit the country mid-January, support has been pouring in from all across the world. For instance, relief funds have been raised through campaigns … Continue reading

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You’re addicted to Facebook

The New Facebook Interface Each time Facebook makes a change to the homepage whether it be photo uploading, news feed, friend requests or in general the new “look,” positive and negative sentiment takes over statuses for those who want to … Continue reading

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Self Advertising for Jobs: Clever or Creepy?

As more than a few of us are approaching graduation, the stress of landing a job after May is enough to get anyone’s heart beating a little bit quicker. I for one, tend to spend at least an hour of … Continue reading

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Think Twice About That Pitch

Many of use are on the brink of graduating from the Cronkite School with the inevitable goal to obtain a job in the glorious field of public relations that we have all grown accustomed to. As we say goodbye to Cronkite … Continue reading

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2010 Winter Olympics

Before the competitions and celebrations even began in Vancouver, British Columbia on Friday a fatal accident occurred in front of onlookers.  Twenty-one-year-old luger Nodar Kumaritashvili lost control of his sled at 90 mph rounding a turn known as “the 50-50 … Continue reading

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