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Tradition vs. Transformation in Universities

Have you ever been sitting in class and wondered, “Why am I taking this class again? How is this class even relevant to my career aspirations?” I know I personally have, and it is beyond frustrating. A large amount of … Continue reading

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The Public Relations and Marketing tug of war

As PR students, we are always quick to defend our field to those who throw public relations into the same pile as marketing. Marketing involves the process of selling and promoting a product by via direct (and often one-way) messages … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Twitter prompt

I recently met a non-profit organization that three others and I are working with as our client for a PR campaigns class. When asking the members of this organization about their feelings regarding social media and its value in the … Continue reading

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Can we create hype?

This week on Valley PR Blog, blogger Len Gutman addressed the value of hype and if as PR practitioners we create the hype or if we just simply fuel it. Gutman used the blockbuster movie of the weekend, New Moon, … Continue reading

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The Future of Movie Marketing

In Todd Defren’s blog PR Squared he discusses the idea of relationship building in movie launches rather than just campaigns.  He says campaigns are usually used because movies are such short-term events but began to brainstorm a relationship aspect. He … Continue reading

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PR or Not to P-R

Did Arizona State University handle the recent on-campus suicide appropriately? As a part-time ASU student, I am almost certain that I would not have heard about the incident as promptly if it weren’t for the ASU Mobile Text System. According … Continue reading

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San Diego Chargers’ PR Campaign is a winner

What do the San Diego Chargers and Ronald McDonald House have in common? Two very different organizations came together for one cause. In a blog titled Authentic PR Counsel, Krista Rodgers from Gable PR explained about the successful cause marketing … Continue reading

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Do first impressions mean everything? They sure do.

As many of us are nearing graduation from the Walter Cronkite j-school, we are already starting to apply for jobs. In this tough job market, we need to find anything (and I mean, any little thing) that can set us … Continue reading

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Agency v. Corporate PR–How to Decide?

On the heels of PRSSA National Conference 2009, one particular seminar stood out the most to me. “Crusin’ with PR—Corporate vs. Agency” provided beneficial insight to future public relations practitioners. As students often ponder what fields of PR interests them, … Continue reading

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What do we do? Follow the trends!

On the BadPitch blog, I found an interesting post all about following trends. By the way, if you haven’t starting read this blog yet, you should. It’s full of amazing and fun insight. Side note over. Anyways, the author of … Continue reading

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