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Tweet Success: Twitter secures nearly $1 Billion

Some of us may have no interest in Twitter and see it as a social networking site that will fade over time. The rest of us are avid Twitter users who use the social networking site in many ways including … Continue reading

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A vital skill for PR practitioners, online video.

Many of us have taken Online Media here at the Cronkite School and some of us, like myself, are currently taking it. We learn how to do audio slide shows, how to blog and tweet (thanks to Dr. Gilpin and … Continue reading

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Is Journalism dying? And is PR going with it…?

We all have heard the “talk” going around that journalism is struggling. Being in the j-school, we constantly are brainstorming new business models to keep the industry alive. Is online taking over print? These are the questions we are repeatedly … Continue reading

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Cause PR/Marketing Campaigns

Every company wants to be affiliated with a good cause. And every non-profit and charity wants to make a name for themselves to garner donations for their cause. As Krista Rogers writes in Authentic PR Counsel, “Cause marketing campaigns are a … Continue reading

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Looking for transparency

The Missouri University School of Journalism is now making Apple’s iPod Touch or the iPhone a requirement for incoming freshmen according to an article from the Missourian. The idea being that if students can hear lectures more than once they … Continue reading

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Before you accept that first PR job…

A few days ago I met my PRSA mentor for the first time.  As we got to know one another, she asked about my career goals.  I have a pretty good idea of where I want to be in the … Continue reading

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Social Media vs. Mass Media

Last month, The Future Buzz blogger, Adam Singer, wrote about the future of social networking and the death of print in his blog titled, Mass Media vs. Niche Media. He brought forth conversation about how specific tools, such as Facebook … Continue reading

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Don’t let Consumer Feedback Fall Into Corporate Black Hole

In the past it has been difficult to have meaningful customer conversations, however now with the advent of social media companies have the opportunity to listen to customer feedback. Before mainstream social media, consumers provided feedback to companies but typically … Continue reading

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The ownership of social media in the company atmosphere

As public relations students, it has become our nature to assume that part of our job description (post-graduation) will likely include implementing and maintaining relationships through social media channels. After all, we’re communication specialists, right? Well, in a post on … Continue reading

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It’s the little moments that count

There are so many things I love about this profession I’m in, no matter the winding road it took me to get here. When I first started j-school, I was a print major. That is, until I discovered something I knew … Continue reading

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