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PR Image Makeover in Film

Who isn’t a fan of Will Smith? … and specifically the motion picture “Hancock?” As a public relations student, I feel the necessity to stress the importance of public relations, and how it  uses the media as an instrument to … Continue reading

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How do you measure the value of PR?

Everyone wants to feel like that they job they do has value. If you do not feel valued at your job then you are going to feel like the work you do is unappreciated and become discouraged. However, what is … Continue reading

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Tweet Success: Twitter secures nearly $1 Billion

Some of us may have no interest in Twitter and see it as a social networking site that will fade over time. The rest of us are avid Twitter users who use the social networking site in many ways including … Continue reading

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A vital skill for PR practitioners, online video.

Many of us have taken Online Media here at the Cronkite School and some of us, like myself, are currently taking it. We learn how to do audio slide shows, how to blog and tweet (thanks to Dr. Gilpin and … Continue reading

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