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PR Accreditation

Many of us are graduating in the next few months and going to be looking for a job but is a bachelors degree enough? The job market is more competitive than ever because of the current economy and lay-offs. It … Continue reading

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Censoring Your Facebook?

Is it okay for businesses to turn you away because of stupid things you did in college that show up on your Facebook profile? Continue reading

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SMRs Taking Over

It’s obvious that social media is booming and not going to relax anytime soon, and now it is being integrated ever-so-deeply into our professions. While this can be a great innovation, we must consider there is a time and place … Continue reading

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Students out of touch with resourcefulness?

In the article, “’Resourceful,’ one of the highest adjectives of praise,” the topic of resourcefulness is the center of focus. The author, Les Potter, believes that resourcefulness is a skill that is highly useful, yet newly neglected. He emphasizes the … Continue reading

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Product Placement, Marketing or PR?

In Heather Yaxley’s blog, Greenbanana, she discusses the UK government proposal to allow product placement on TV. Currently, according to BBC News, “References are allowed ‘where their inclusion within the programme is justified editorially’, and goods can appear if they … Continue reading

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Pitching an Ocean Full

I’ve never considered with great thought the process that it takes to catch a fish. I once took a try at the sport on a lake about two years ago and had minimal success. It could have been that my … Continue reading

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The FTC Tries to Quash Sponsored Conversations

In “Sponsored Conversations: FTC Guidelines Impact Companies and Bloggers” by Kami Watson Huyse, a PR practitioner, discusses the change these new guidelines will have on the PR field. Do your tweet or blog an opinion about a product and service … Continue reading

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The “Homeless American Girl” and Cause-Marketing

 In her post on Gable PR’s Blog, Krista Rogers writes about a controversial topic, which can teach us future PR pros a thing or two about cause-marketing. Has anyone heard this story yet? American Girl Dolls have come out with … Continue reading

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PR Image Makeover in Film

Who isn’t a fan of Will Smith? … and specifically the motion picture “Hancock?” As a public relations student, I feel the necessity to stress the importance of public relations, and how it  uses the media as an instrument to … Continue reading

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How do you measure the value of PR?

Everyone wants to feel like that they job they do has value. If you do not feel valued at your job then you are going to feel like the work you do is unappreciated and become discouraged. However, what is … Continue reading

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