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Social media responsibility

Last week,’s new Technology Editor Peter Ha wrote on his blog, “Just caught wind that BusinessWeek is shutting down. Can anyone confirm or deny?” Within hours, employees of Business Week retweeted that they hadn’t heard of any sort of … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 demands brevity from PR professionals

Since the beginning of my career in J-school, I have asked myself how I can become a better storyteller. As one who loves learning about all things PR, I am curious about new ways to present information that will be … Continue reading

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Social Networking is the bee’s knees

We are just starting to learn the impact of what social media can do for our profession and how it can help the company we will work for in the future. Some of us see it as a burden to … Continue reading

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Tech Overload

In the blog, The Steve Rubel Lifestream, Steve Rubel does a video interview with, Alan Warms, the CEO of an online application website called Appolicious . The website is a social network sort of website about apps on iPhones and will … Continue reading

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Politics and business: where’s the line?

I read the blog “Politics, PR and Promotion: When is it good for business?” by Naked PR . This article talked about how businesses are intertwining politics and whether or not that is a good or bad thing. I believe … Continue reading

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