The Twitter Game

First of all the most crazy thing I read in the post about Gaming Twitter on Communication Overtones was that Twitter originated in April 2006, I guarantee half the people in our class did not know this!

I didn’t know that people “gamed twitter”.  What it means to game twitter is when you create tons of followers by telling them you will follow them back, neither party has any interest in the contest either is posting.  I find it fascinating that people even care if 1. They have followers and 2. That other people “game twitter”.  If someone is using Twitter for proffesional means, shouldn’t they be professional and not act like a 7 year old and fight over who has more friends?  This seems funny to me.

These are the Twitter rules to Game Twitter:

Four Steps To Game Twitter

1. Sign up for a Twitter account, creative name gets you extra credit but isn’t necessary

2. Automatically follow people with similar interests by searching for specific keywords and autofollowing people. One of the most well-known services for this is Twollo

3. Sign up for all of the services that help you manage your followers: SocialToo, TweetLater, My Tweeple,  Friend or Follow, Mr. Tweet, TweetSum and others. Use them to unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you, preferably leaving only those that autofollow. Rinse and repeat this step daily.

5. Be sure that you auto follow people so others like you will add you.

I did not know that there were services that manage your followers, it is like a vaccum that goes through your account daily.  This seems like far too much work to claim you have followers, when really do you care about any of them. 

On an additional note, did this article REALLY post something reminding people not to pay people to follow them on Twitter…what is our world coming to, this is ridiculous!

In this post there are links to people’s opinions on what it was like before Twitter became a huge trend, for personal use.  There is also a link to ways that a business can use Twitter affectively, which is a good idea for all of us in this class launching a social media campaign, to make sure we are selling Twitter the correct way!

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5 Responses to The Twitter Game

  1. lehanson says:

    This seems a bit ridiculous to me as well. I only have 55 followers and I get annoyed with all the @ replies and RTs between people that I don’t understand. It’s crazy how Twitter, something so simplistic, can be twisted and turned into so many different dimensions. The only advantage I can see to having this application is to rid your feed of spam followers and the pointless tweets that are only links. I think that those sort of tweets should be banned because it’s only something to drive people from Twitter to whatever site that person is promoting to get more hits. Oh how technology never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Nancy Flores says:

    Ok, I have a question about followers. As PR professionals we are supposed to be savy in all this new social media. Everyone is talking about how to set up Twitter for your company, but does anyone know what the general rule is for companys that follow people? What if you are a restaurant and other restaurants want to follow you? Should you follow them back? Or is that considered competition and you don’t want to promote them by following them? I think it is time to get past the social media 101 classes and take the next step…so many questions, where do you find the answers?

  3. lmdavis2 says:

    The whole idea of Twitter being a game is rediculous. It was created to be used for networking and keeping in touch with friends, not to see how many followers someone can get. The whole idea of this is where the criticism on social media gets its fuel. Twitter begins to lose its credibility when people take advantage of it in this way.

  4. Mickey Siegel says:

    Ever since the beginning of this year, it has seemed that Twitter has become more and more diluted with people more focused on grabbing quantity over quality. What I feel is amazing about Twitter is that if someone follows you, it does not mean that you automatically have to follow them. In the social media world, privacy is not that common, but at least Twitter allows a little bit of it.

  5. jejepson says:

    I feel like this is just one more thing to make Twitter more complicated than it already is. Sometimes comapnies try to make their social media applications keep up with the times, but in the end they just end up making the applications more complicated and end up driving users away.

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