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More "good" presentations

Here’s another potential source of inspiration for your final project pitches: the latest post at Presentation Zen shows some examples of visuals from Good Magazine. As Gar Reynolds points out, these are probably not great for full presentations, but they … Continue reading

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Blending social media and CSR

I have to be honest, I normally skip over any blog that even mentions Twitter, as I feel it has become an over-talked about topic recently. However, when the blog titled Social Media Provides the Tools to Make Positive Change … Continue reading

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Twitter: The next big thing?

I recently came across this article in the state press by  Matt Culbertson that discusses the use (or uselessness) of Twitter.  Among other things, the author critisizes Twitter for being “mediocritydefined”, and says that it amounts to little more than … Continue reading

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"Toxic Talk" in Social Media

While surfing around the blogosphere I came across a post by Crisisblogger Gerald Baron  about “toxic talk” in social media and whether its effects should be taken as seriously as they have in the past. The example brought to light was … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand clients

I was reading through a few PR blogs when I ran across Seth Godin’s ( a marketing expert and author) blog entitled The Power of a Tiny Picture. In this blog he discusses how you picture can either make or … Continue reading

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"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

Social media is the new popular kid at school.  The one whose dad just got a big promotion prompting his family to move in a couple houses down.  He has the coolest bike, the newest video games, the nicest clothes … Continue reading

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Don't tweet and drive, tweetcall.

New applications continue to evolve for the Twitterverse. When doing a bit of research for this blog post I was surprised and impressed with the amount of apps I came across on the Twitter Fan Wikipage. The latest app being tweetcall. Yes, … Continue reading

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Let's be realistic…

The topic of conversation among us seniors now is graduation.  I can’t tell you how many times in the past few months I’ve sat around with friends and classmates concocting our quest to become successfully important contributors to society.  How … Continue reading

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Agencies should be like our mates… attractive

Falling in love with the right mate is something most people dream of.   There are many to choose from and competition is fierce.   They have to be strong, dependable and most importantly, attractive.  Right?   With the Law … Continue reading

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When text is a good thing in a presentation

(Since some have asked: yes, commenting on this post counts for your weekly quota.) I’m always advocating for minimal text on slides, which really comes down to wanting everything on the slide to have maximum impact. Usually there is a … Continue reading

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