Give me a "P," give me a "R." GO PR!

Two weeks ago, Diane Schwartz, wrote a blog on the PR News Blog about a new advocacy campaign launched by PR News called “It’s the PR.” The campaign is basically designed to show that the public relations field influences everyone and to give a forum for PR professionals to discuss campaigns that have worked for them.

When I first saw this, I laughed to myself because I pictured it as a cheerleading site for the PR field. Then I began my job search. As most of us are seniors, we all know the pressures of trying to find a job after graduation. My plan is to move to New York and I was told by a professional in the industry that finding a job in New York would be easy because there are always job PR job posting for New York. In my search thus far, that could not be any farther than the truth.

With graduation a month away, I am starting to freak out that there will be no job openings for me. Am I going to be one of the many graduates who end up in a field that has nothing to do with their degree?  Is the state of the economy really going to affect PR and similar fields?

With all these questions and fears beginning to build up, I began to think about the “It’s the PR” campaign in a new light. Personally, I could use a cheerleader keeping me in high spirits¬†during my job search. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in perspective to show the worth of something. I’m happy to say that I will be checking in on the campaign regularly and hope to get a job so I can also add to it!

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9 Responses to Give me a "P," give me a "R." GO PR!

  1. tmpace says:

    I think with the economy the way it is communication department funds are the first to be cut. You think companies would wise up and realize they need some help! I hope this campaign plays out! We would all cheer!

  2. Nancy Flores says:

    You know, I am really tossed with this. I don’t think we necessarily will be cut first but I think every PR person is holding their breath and silently laughing “you know you need me.” If there were no PR people, who else would CEO’s and VP’s come running to when there is a crisis, event or sometimes even just an idea. Companies need customers to survive. PR people help to communicate to those stakeholders. It’s just a big circle of life, and as soon-to-be college grads, we are about to embark on this rollercoaster!

  3. Nicholas Smith says:

    I have a lot of the same concerns as you. I’m going to be moving to New York in about a month as well, and I have also been applying to many jobs, but I am yet to find anything. At first, I thought that it would be really easy to find a job in such a big city, but now I am starting to get a little concerned. However, I am still remaining optimistic. I think that our degree is very versatile and it can apply to many different fields, and I think that we should all be able to find work in a relatively short amount of time.

  4. lmdavis2 says:

    Obviously we are not graduating at the best time to find a job. However, I think we will all find jobs and even if the first is not our “dream job,” we will eventually find out niche. I think the best thing you can do is stay optomistic and open-minded to any opportunities that come your way. The black clouds will pass and there will be bigger and better jobs that come along.

  5. Mickey Siegel says:

    I find that as long as PR practitioners can pitch campaigns that stress low-cost and high-results, the industry will be fine. Companies will always try to get their name out and in a poor economy they try much harder, but they are now looking at low-cost alternatives to traditional advertising. Tell them it is cheap and they will come flocking to you for business (hopefully).

  6. kmmorten says:

    I agree, the economy isn’t in the best shape right now and finding a job is stressful. Maybe you won’t find your dream job right off the bat (who does?!) but just stay optimistic and something will come up. Maybe you will be one of those people who doesn’t find a PR job, but takes a different job and ends up loving it. Keep an open mind and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I don’t think PR will be the first to be cut, but the truth is that they are cutting big time- in every field, not just PR. The way I see it, is take each day at a time and do whatever makes you happy.

  7. kbergeron44 says:

    I would much rather have some PR practitioners advocating for our field than not. By having this group inform businesses of how important the PR field is there are less likely to be those cuts and you are more likely to find a job. I hope that this message isn’t falling on deaf ears and the outcome results in more jobs for us.

  8. allund says:

    Who is better to advocate for our field? Who would be more experienced then PR practicioners to raise awareness, fight and show people the benefits of what we practice. Also we know how to lead the fight and what tactics to use to influence and fram our campaign. I in turn hope that our message doesn’t fall on deaf ears but you have to be optimistic and confident in the skills you have acquired, and that confidence will be contagious.

  9. lehanson says:

    I think we PR people are at an advantage during this tough econmomic time. Our jobs are always going to be “in service”. People need PR professionals to deal with crisis and connect with the media, especially right now to shine more light on companies that aren’t doing so well with the economic situation.

    I think the blog is a good idea because it brings together ideas and the PR community to show the power at our hands. If you are determined to find a job that coincides with your degree, you will do it. There are a plethora of PR job postings listed everyday it’s just a matter of staying on top of it and with the economy in mind, it would probably be wise not to be restrictive about jobs you apply for. Good luck!

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