Dominoes and Susan Boyle…the powers of YouTube

The internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good or for evil…no im just kidding. However the internet does a great a job of showing the realites of our society and ultimately it has become one of the largest tools to change opinoiuns. Is it perhaps the largest opinoun leader in th world? Im going to give you 2 examples of how the internet specifically Youtube changed the minds of millions across the world this week.

The first example is the recent Youtube video of Dominoes employees. Recently in class we discussed crisis manaement and how companies should act and react. A video was posted on Youtube this tuesday called “Disgusting Dominoes” in the video workers at a Dominoes in North Carolina handle the food that they are preparing in foul ways. By the end of the day the video had been viewed over 1 million times. In fact the orginal video has been removed but alternates have been posted and the alternates already have at least half a million views.  Dominoes reputation with in the matter of hours was jeopardized by just 2 employees and the internet. The company responded with a video of their own on Youtube.  After looking at  both the videos do you think Dominoes response was effective? Do you think Dominoes can do anything else?

Dominoes also posted a response on their web site right away. However the video they have posted has less then half of the views of the orginal video posted.

I didn’t want to end my last blog on a sour note so I also wanted to include the Youtube video of british idol contestant Susan Boyle which has had millions of views on Youtube and been featured on the National news.  Ms. Boyle lives alone  in a small “pig town” with her cat Pebbles and has never been kissed when she walked on the stage no one took her seriously until she opened her mouth. Im sure a lot of you have seen this video but if you haven’t it will surely bring a smile to your face. It reminds all of us, especially as PR practicioners that you should never judge a book by its cover.

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2 Responses to Dominoes and Susan Boyle…the powers of YouTube

  1. mjcavaleri says:

    Something like this just makes me wonder how long it will be until employers force employee to sign a release protecting them from such behavior legally.

    Obviously, this is just one small measure a company could take, but at least they would have the power in the courts. The power two employees could have on a corporation such as Dominoes is magnified thanks to the reach of channels like YouTube.

    It’s kind of scary for corporations, but the individual has tons of pull now with these channels.

  2. mkuhl says:

    Way to end your blog on a good note! 🙂 The Susan Boyle extravaganza really should teach us a thing or two about prematurely passing judgment. Although, you could argue that we shouldn’t pass judgment in the first place. I do think its kind of crazy how one little incident or two people can have such a huge impact. Realistically, these types of incidents happen all the time. They just happened to get caught. But the public doesn’t rationalize and think about that. They will just avoid Dominoes for a period of time, thinking somehow that will lower their chances of something like that happening to them, when really, unless it’s that specific Dominoes they avoided, it did nothing to alter their chances.

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