Congrats You're Graduating! Now What?

To all of the PR students graduating this semester and to those past graduates, congratulations. This is a time to celebrate that you will never have to write another term paper again or take another mid-term exam (except for you grad school overachievers). For the rest of us, we now have to get our lives in order and start on the 2nd act in our lives (the 1st act being childhood and the 3rd act being retirement/senility/adult diapers).  In this 2nd act, we must now become dependent on ourselves to provide food and shelter. I know it sounds like a daunting task, but do not fret because it is much easier than it sounds to cook something other than a hot pocket.

Katherine Strate is a soon to be PR graduate from the University of Georgia and she collected Five Pieces of Advice that should help make it a little easier to transition from a student to a PR professional. Strate writes about many matters plaguing graduates, but her most important point focuses on being proactive in job hunting and while at the first job/internship.

At PR Channel, a site that features thousands of agency listings, the site solicited comments from many of its agencies concerning Advice for the PR Grad. The most interesting comment that I found involved the use of social media in finding a PR job. Here is what Heather Huhman, founder of had to say:

sign up for Twitter, start following thought leaders in public relations (specifically, the area of public relations that interests you most, such as health care), and get engaged via the various PR hashtags: #PRadvice for asking pros questions, #EntryPR for entry-level jobs and #PRintern for internships.

This is great advice and I can attest to twitter being a valuable tool for networking purposes. I met up with Brian Stelter, current NY Times columnist and creator of TVNewser, through him asking on twitter if there were any ASU Cronkite students that tweeted. I naturally responded and ended up having a lunch interview with him and other Cronkite students. It just goes to show that Twitter and other social media sites have a profound effect on marketing, and in an economy where employers are looking to hire 22% less jobs than last year, it is important to get as many legs up as possible.

Before going, I want to leave everyone with a youtube video of a British PR/Marketing professional giving some advice on how to best deal with finding a job in this economy. Besides us having a better army than the Brits, we are pretty similar in most everything else:


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7 Responses to Congrats You're Graduating! Now What?

  1. haleypetersonasu says:

    Great blog! It is very scary that we are graduating at such a low economic period. Although, I believe this British woman’s advice to stay positive and confident although more flexible is so true and so important.

    Researching your job options can only do you good! It may lead you to another job or even a different field altogether!

    Staying passionate and determined as this British PR/Marketing professional noted is at the top of the list while searching for a job in this economy. I completely.

    You may not be able to control how many jobs are available in this market, but you can ALWAYS control your attitude and outlook! 🙂

  2. Mickey Siegel says:

    Haley, you hit it right on the head. You can’t fight the economy, but you can fight how you feel. Just be wary that optimism doesn’t turn into over-confidence (not directed at you Haley, just a point in general.)

  3. mgjersvi says:

    Mickey, I just have to say that I love the first paragraph of this post. It’s probably because I am one of those “grad school overachievers” you mentioned. Also, the hot pockets comment is priceless. Yay for a PR major who can write well in many different genres, a talent we could all use.

  4. Mickey Siegel says:

    Thanks for the praise Megan. I wouldn’t say that I can write in different genres, but I do write what is on my mind and if it is funny, then so be it. Other times it is awkward and nonsensical and I usually just get blank stares from fellow classmates and teachers…

  5. kbergeron44 says:

    I like the advice given in the blog. I only signed on the twitter a couple of months ago and I am already seeing how valuable it will be when finding a job. There may be many other uses for it, but with graduation looming and the real world right around the corner, the most practical use for twitter will be to aid in the job search.

  6. cconeder says:

    True, this obviously is a terrible time, but it will always get better. We all are super stressed out, but I think the only thing we can do is keep a positive outlook and use any of the helpful tools the social media has to offer!

  7. amarker says:

    Great blog post! I sometimes have to remind myself that I am not the only scared-to death-graduate. The economy may be in the dumps but social media and the different tools to market yourself and to network is at an alltime high. For those who want to sit back and blame the economy on not being able to find jobs, although a decent argument, need to remember that by not being proactive, you are only hurting yourself more.

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