Can Journalism and Social Media Coexist?

Since I have been at the Cronkite school, I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong in the j-school. Some say that public relations has no place in journalism. However, I came across a new site that says news, social media and advertising can all coexist. True/Slant’s moto is “News is more than what happens.” True/Slant is a company that combines news, social media and advertising.

True/Slant allows contributers to add stories to their site, and then consumers can create dialogue with those contributers. Advertising also occurs on the site. However, it is placed in such a way that is very transparent and readers know what they are getting. True/Slant says their goal is to get consumers to be just as interested as they are in the news.

I am interested to see if a site like this actually makes it. I have been told that journalism, advertising and PR are completely separate and that PR doesn’t belong in journalism. However, I think that the direction we are headed is very different. I see a future where all three of these entities coexist and work together.

What do you think? Do you think that social media has a place in journalism? Can advertising, journalism and PR coexist?

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6 Responses to Can Journalism and Social Media Coexist?

  1. cafuller says:

    Well, I think that they all need to coexist. At the same time though, I definitely don’t think PR and journalism can coexist under the same business. Journalism is supposed to be unbiased reporting of the news. In PR we work hard to communicate a message for our clients. For this reason alone, PR is characteristically biased. They are capable of coexisting, however, because journalists will write news articles based on stories and information they might receive from PR professionals. As for social media, that’s already becoming involved in every single aspect of life. What’s the one thing journalists and PR professionals want more than anything? Faster communication methods. That’s exactly what social media provides.

  2. gbohulan says:

    The line drawn between consumers and producers beomes more blurry as technology continues to develop. Amateurs are becoming professionals. You don’t need a journalism degree to post news. Today, you just need the internet.

    However, I feel social media and true journalism can coexist. Social media gives and arena to express various opinions. Journalism is accurate and hard hitting. Both are different but good in their own right.

  3. plepkows says:

    Well, whether one believes that social media should or shouldn’t have a place in journalism is irrelevant. The same pertains to public relations. These areas are no longer distinct entities but are interrelated and connected, and each one depends on the others to thrive. Bloggers are journalists just as much as the staff at The Arizona Republic – both groups have one mission: deliver a message to an audience. And public relations is the same way, too. From social media Web sites to mainstream media, the historical definitions of each field that used to separate them are now out the window. Each group is connected, and thus they coexist.

  4. lindsaylynch says:

    I think all of these areas NEED to coexist with social media. It is important that people follow the trends–as quick as they come and go, we need to be on top of them. Just like cafuller said about, some of these areas need to be biased, others unbaised, this is where drama will occur.

  5. kparma says:

    I agree. They all need to coexist. Social media can definitely be beneficial if companies know how to use it correctly and to their advantage.

  6. Nicholas Smith says:

    I think that anyone who says PR does not belong in journalism is wrong. At the beggining of this semester, I wasn’t 100 percent sure about what PR really is and how to work in this field. However, after taking this class especially, I feel like Journalism is a huge part of PR. Sure, Marketing and advertising are a part of it, but its just a part. When I think of PR, I think of it on a much larger scope than just marketing or advertiseing.

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