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Dominoes and Susan Boyle…the powers of YouTube

The internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good or for evil…no im just kidding. However the internet does a great a job of showing the realites of our society and ultimately it has become one of … Continue reading

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Smarties not so smart?

Don’t ask me how, but I stumbled upon a “pr dilemma” Smarties candy faced in March. Smarties are the little sugary disks that come in all different colors, and they’re pretty yummy. There had been word that kids are crunching up the … Continue reading

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Landing that Dream Job you've Always Wanted

Congratulations seniors, you’re a few weeks away from being a college graduate.  Maybe you’re one of the few who found their dream job straight out of college.  Chances are, with the way the economy is going; you’re not one of … Continue reading

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Upcoming Presentations: Fear or Fun?

So, we all have these major presentations right around the corner.  According to my classmates this fact is very big and scary.  For me, the presentation isn’t the scary part, that’s when I get to shine.  I don’t mean to … Continue reading

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Congrats You're Graduating! Now What?

To all of the PR students graduating this semester and to those past graduates, congratulations. This is a time to celebrate that you will never have to write another term paper again or take another mid-term exam (except for you … Continue reading

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What's wrong with heels?

In a recent blog post on the Valley PR Blog Linda Vendevrede questions whether or not wearing “the highest of high” heels is beneficial in the PR field. She discusses how over the past 10 years heels have become higher … Continue reading

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Give me a "P," give me a "R." GO PR!

Two weeks ago, Diane Schwartz, wrote a blog on the PR News Blog about a new advocacy campaign launched by PR News called “It’s the PR.” The campaign is basically designed to show that the public relations field influences everyone … Continue reading

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The Twitter Game

First of all the most crazy thing I read in the post about Gaming Twitter on Communication Overtones was that Twitter originated in April 2006, I guarantee half the people in our class did not know this! I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Are a pair of high heels the new power tie?

So I came across this post on Valley PR Blog by Linda Vandeverde called Heels are the new “Power Ties” in PR that I would love to share with you. The author Linda Vandeverde mentions how high heels have gotten … Continue reading

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Can Journalism and Social Media Coexist?

Since I have been at the Cronkite school, I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong in the j-school. Some say that public relations has no place in journalism. However, I came across a new site that says news, … Continue reading

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