You can't always rely on your fans…

Everyone always says “there is no such thing as bad press?”  At times I am sure people disagree with this, especially when they are on the negative side of things, but what happens when you set yourself up for this?

Okay, I know we are not teenagers, freaking out over the Jonas Brothers, but my job requires me to care who the Jonas Brothers are and what they are up to.  They just released a movie Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience personally I had no interest whatsoever in seeing this, which I think is a good thing, because that means they target the right audience.  

I did notice a few things that they have done wrong.  The week prior to the release date The Jonas Brothers did tons of PR for the movie including a press conference shown on MTV throughout the week.  For one, they were sitting in front of their private jet, bragging about their private jet and two WE ARE IN A RECESSION! Are you kidding me!?!  It kills me because we are so down in the dumps right now that celebrities, especially those who barely have a drivers license, should really be mindful of others who aren’t as fortunate as them.

Another brilliant idea that the Jo Bros came up with: lets con our fans into coming! In hopes to get people to the theatre they planned “surprise visits” in theatres because if you were 14 wouldn’t you want to go JUST IN CASE they popped by the theatre you went to.  I feel like there were too many angles the these guys were trying to cut and in the end it didn’t pay off.

The movie made $12.5 million in it’s 2 week run in theatres.  I’m sure it was a terrible movie, but to get back to “there is no such thing as bad press,” people around the nation are making fun of these guys.  Radio stations, news stations, internet sites and more are slamming the movie.  I would think that the first week of terrible reviews would hinder the possible number of people who would attend the movie, which I would consider to be bad press.

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  1. lmdavis2 says:

    Placing the Jonas Brothers in front of a jet was probably not the best idea considering this country’s current condition. A better route would have been showing them doing some sort of charity event or reaching out to their less fortunate friends.

    However, I don’t think their “suprise visits” to theaters accross the country was such a bad idea. It is a good way to entice their fans to go to the movie in hopes of seeing them.

    As for the bad reviews, well they can’t really do too much to prevent that. However, I have a feeling this will not be the end of the Jonas Brothers…

  2. sbushaw says:

    I was watching Chelsea Handler bash them on her show the other night because the movie basically flopped after they publicized huge expectations for it. I don’t think they would otherwise be mentioned on shows like this, so the criticisms are at least causing some sort of a buzz. Regardless those boys will always have teeny bopper fans..their parents just can’t afford to shell out seven bucks for them to go to the theaters. Ha!

  3. sekane says:

    Sometimes, though, there’s no such thing as bad press simply means that they’re being mentioned, and that can sell movie tickets. Mention breeds curiosity in many, and that could happen with this movie. I couldn’t agree more that they did some things to promote the movie that I would not have done, speaking to the private jet. It reminded me of when the auto dealers went to ask the government for a bailout, but took their private jets to get there… How are we supposed to relate to these people? I also will not see this movie, and their PR tactics didn’t even reach my radar, but I am sure that to some, their bad publicity was publicity none the less, and they contributed to the 12.5 million made in theaters.

  4. mgjersvi says:

    I was just doing research for my blog on SEO and found plenty of bad press. I don’t care what people say, Web sites titled “I’d never go to Jared,” or “Because You’re Worth It – If You’re White – Loreal is Racist” is bad publicity.

  5. haleypetersonasu says:

    I’m not surprised that this movie didn’t do “extremely well” because you are right, the audience is very limited. I also agree that the PR conducted before the movie maybe wasn’t the best move…showcasing these three young brothers in front of a private jet as they travel the globe to promote their new movie in such a down economy…

    Maybe they could have used a more “real” approach by doing promoting that encompassed an “everyday teenager’s lifestyle”?

  6. Christine says:

    Have you seen the new South Park that features the Jonas Brothers? I know it’s not a news source but do you think the Comedy-Central-mocking had a negative impact?

  7. laurenmac87 says:

    I think that in this case the “bad press” that you are focusing on could only help. The efforts on behalf of MTV and the Jonas Brothers were probably pretty successful in the first two weeks of getting people to come to see the movie. Yes, the ticket sales drastically dropped after that two week period, but I believe it is because the people that actually were going to go see the Jonas Brothers 3-D Experience did so opening night, or as close to it as they possibly could. The 14-year old niche that follow them fanatically will do whatever the JoBro press tells them to, so of course they came out. After that two week slump Disney can only hope that people will come to see based on the negative publicity. I mean, look at the audiences of Chelsea Handler and South Park. Obviously these people (myself included) find a good laugh in the cheesiness of it all. My guy friends even offered to go see the Jonas Brothers movie with me (I’m a freak about them… it’s weird I know) purely because they heard that it was so stupid that it was hilarious.

  8. kparma says:

    I personally don’t care for the Jonas Brothers. I definitely agree that putting them in front of their private jet was a bad move since we are in a recession. Getting the 14-year-olds to come to the movies by saying they were going to surprise some of their fans was actually a really good idea. This way, fans who were going to come in the first place have the chance to see them, and people who maybe didn’t want to see the movie but like the Jonas Brothers might come.

  9. mlmyers says:

    Like you said in the post, the Jonas Brothers have a specific target audience. I don’t know much about the Jonas Brothers but I can guarantee that the people who have negative things to say about them fall outside of this demographic. I do agree that not all press is good press, but in their case I would say that the negative press did not hurt them, since they did racked up $12.5 million in the first two weeks. While I also agree that is it not nice to play with tween and teen girls emotions, I think the surprise visits are a phenomenal idea. It is slightly ridiculous that they are bragging about their success during hard economic times, it does not mean that they should stop promoting for their movie or try to generate sales. I think it is also worth mentioning that the brothers probably had nothing to do with these promotions or interviews. There are people behind them trying to decide how to best market them, and while at sometimes they miss, the popularity of the Jonas Brothers did not create itself.

  10. lindsaylynch says:

    Thanks for all of the comments!

    It is great to see different opinions and more discussion about the Jo Bros. I like @sekane’s remarks about no press is bad press since it helps sell tickets either way.

    I also appreciate that @mlmyers was able to point out that the people bashing the brothers are people who fall outside of the main demographic, believe it or not I didn’t even realize this when I was writing this!

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