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Social Media & Changing Relationships

At the beginning of this semester I realized that a component of just about every single one of my classes was going to be social media. It was not until recently that I have begun to realize the impact that … Continue reading

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Social Media Netiquette

With all the talk of Twitter and Facebook and being careful of what you post on the Internet, I figure why not blog about Social Media Netiquette.  Netiqutte is basically the way you should and should not behave on the … Continue reading

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Twitter all you want, but remember people can see you

Twitter has really taken this nation by storm. It seems like ever since we learned about this “twitter” in PR class that is all people can talk about.  I find myself browsing people’s tweets constantly finding it entertaining and useful. … Continue reading

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A PR nightmare for the firm used to resolving everyone else’s

                     In case you’ve been living in cave for the last two weeks and have missed the myriad of Tweets, blog posts and media articles, let me get you caught up to speed. On March 8, MSNBC commentator, Rachel … Continue reading

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Blogs Killing the Newspaper Star

Over the last few years, sport writers (in particular baseball beat writers) have had to evolve because of the ever changing times of media. No longer can a beat writer just file their stories for the morning’s paper, or simply … Continue reading

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Wrong moves with social media

So I’m a manager at a retail store and recently I received an email that said the company would be discontinuing the weekly newsletters. I was really surprised by this because these newsletters were incredibly informative and always had really … Continue reading

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Changing of the Guard: Print Goes Online or No Where

A lot has been made of the near 150 year old Seattle Post-Intelligence closing down its print division tomorrow to go strictly to web-content only. Newspapers have been struggling for many years now and it seems that the current recession … Continue reading

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Own Your Conversation

A few weeks back our class had the priviledge of hearing a lecture by SEO guru Vanessa Fox.  While speaking to us via Skype, Fox discussed several companies that failed to make themselves known through Google.  As Fox explained, it’s … Continue reading

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Gaining Coverage in a Declining Journalism World

The Valley PR Blog recently reported that Brad Perry and Dan Davis of KTVK Channel 3 are no longer with the station, no reason has been given for their departures. Regardless, this only adds to the growing number of  job loss in the journalism industry, which is no … Continue reading

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You can't always rely on your fans…

Everyone always says “there is no such thing as bad press?”  At times I am sure people disagree with this, especially when they are on the negative side of things, but what happens when you set yourself up for this? … Continue reading

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