Is all publicity good publicity? The Bachelor Season Finale

Just as many women across the country do, I tune into a weekly little show called, “The Bachelor”. It is the only reality television show I will watch because for the most part, it seems sincere (or as sincere as reality t.v. can get) . Not to mention the fact that it is very entertaining when 30 women vie for the coveted spot to be engaged to at the end of the show’s filming. It can be a very emotional roller coaster and whether I like to admit it or not, it tends to pull on my heart strings the more consistently I tune in every Monday night.

Tonight’s show took a turn in the opposite direction when something happened that had never happened before in Bachelor history. Jason Mesnick (the current bachelor) chose a young woman named Melissa on the season finale tonight that he then proposed to. The other girl (technically 2nd place) that he sent home was named Molly. As she left the show in a black limo (as every rejectee one by one does) she told Jason that he had made a big mistake. Typical. A scene of a very distraught and emotional Jason followed as if he didn’t know what he had just done. Shortly after, he proposed to Melissa (America’s Sweetheart).

Then came The Bachelor’s “After The Final Rose” show. Here, the entire setup of the show was made very intimate and “unlike any other previous show” by having no live audience. As I watched the host of The Bachelor preface what was going to happen next, it was a very dramatic feel. The audience did not know what was going to happen next.

Within a matter of minutes, one of America’s most LOVED bachelors became one of America’s most HATED bachelors. How could he break the heart of sweet and kind Melissa to only go back on his decision and choose Molly? Even after he had proposed to Melissa!

Although this is the personal life of three people, it is a very public event and is all over major national headlines now. I can only imagine what will be written in tabloids and entertainment magazines in the weeks to come.

What type o PR professional could help Jason Mesnick out of this mess? Should Molly and Jason try to keep their relationship as out of the spotlight as possible from here on out?

I feel the credibility of the show, “The Bachelor” definitely has gone down after this most recent season. Anything can happen and hearts will definitely be broken. My initial reaction was to be mad at both the network of ABC as well as Jason.

Do you feel this entire act was a publicity stunt? Did Melissa need to be humiliated on national t.v. like this? As far as Jason’s case goes…is all publicity (including bad) good publicity?


 It really has everyone talking and this was a genius move from many aspects. Maybe the ABC network is much more shrewd than I thought…

All I know is that Jason Mesnick will have a hard time even going to the grocery store in the months to come..

Here is an article back in December on MSNBC where Jason talks about how he has “found love”. (Here, he was referring to Melissa).

Here is a list of articles describing The Bachelor’s season finale and final outcome of Jason’s back and forth ultimate decision.

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4 Responses to Is all publicity good publicity? The Bachelor Season Finale

  1. elwhite2 says:

    I do not think this was a publicity stunt. After watching every after show and interview with Jason and Chris, the host of the show, they said it was done like this to show what actually happened. Things had changed since the end of the show and they wanted to explain to America what had happened. I wish this would have been a publicity stunt because maybe it would have been easier on Melissa. They should not have had Jason breaking up with Melissa on National TV. In this case, I dont think this was good publicity for Jason. I do agree that bad publicity can benefit people in certain situations. But maybe it was good publicity for the Bachelor. It created so much buzz that even the people who did not follow the show knew about it and maybe they will watch it next season. So this actually was good for the show, however, not for Jason.

  2. allund says:

    I think that the Bachelor lost some credibility with this last season. The show is a reality TV show so no one knows exactly just how much of it is really real. However what happened this season was some thing out of a chessey movie. It was so dramatized and intense that the you were left wondering did that really just happen. This episode and season sent shock waves through the media and reality tv world. I would have to agree that in this situation however that bad press was still good press for the show. Even though it brought down the shows credibility it increased it noteworthiness when the show has not been as popular as of late.

  3. sbushaw says:

    Another thing to mention would be the publicity of the show blowing up so much that shows like Dancing With the Stars jumped at the opportunity to benefit from it. Even though I’m not particularly into The Bachelor, I found myself tuning into Dancing With the Stars just to check out Melissa on the show. Whether good or bad publicity I think it’s created more opportunities to capitalize on the media exposure and create more ways to make money.

  4. gbohulan says:

    All I know is that after seeing Melissa get dumped, my parasocial relationship with Jason immediately came to an end. I understand that it’s reality television, but come on! I do not think it was a publicity stunt, but I do think it was WAY too over hyped. From they way they previewed the show, I thought someone was on the verge of dying. There was no need to dump her on television like that. It was rude. I don’t think reality stars need PR professionals because they are living their lives while it’s being documented. He was being open and honest, which all the public can really ask for. Love him or hate him, I’m still going to watch the next season. I do know I will not be as invested into it though.

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