Hold the presses….literally

Everyday we hear on the news, internet, Facebook, Twitter and even in our classes that communication is changing.  I often wonder if this change  is a good change?

On Thursday the Rocky Mountain News printed their final edition.  The newspaper had been reporting on Colorado news for over 150 years.  On Waggener Edstrom’s blog “Let’s Define Death” president Frank Shaw talked about the certain demise of several major newspapers. Here is the list of Newspapers that he listed are in trouble on his blog.  He acquired the list from the Silicon Alley Insider.

We all know that newspapers are fading fast, but it is still sad to see them go. I remember as a child watching my mom come home every night and religiously read the newspaper. Things have changed she is lucky if she gets through one paper a week. Now she mostly gets her news from the internet because it is faster and more concise. The internet plus sites like Craigslist who have revolutionized the classifieds have helped contribute to the newspapers demise.

However I can’t help but wonder if we are to blame as well? Our generation, the generation of mobile phones wireless internet and Ipods. Have we changed communication that much that we have helped ruin an entire industry?

On ABC’s world news with Charlie Gibson there was a recent report on the declining health of newspapers. Click here to view the video. Newspapers have been the eyes and ears for small and large cities. When they can’t function on the level that they need to cities are the ones that are missing out. When papers start to loose there print editions how will that effect their content? Content in most newspapers has already been drastically reduced. When a paper looses its paper what then does it become?  A glorified blog?

How will the change of newspapers as we know them affect the Public Relations field? Will reporters have the time to even report on pitches by a PR professional?

We are left wondering what the future will hold for newspapers and what the trickle down affect will be. Instead of saving newspaper clippings are we going to be printing off blog posts?

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3 Responses to Hold the presses….literally

  1. lehanson says:

    Good post. It is sad but looking the decreases in circulation some of those numbers didn’t seem all that bad to me. I’m not sure if people are overdoing the disappearance of newspapers because I know I’ve read numerous stories about how people want to know the news now, more than ever its just trying to find a way to deliver it so that newspapers survive. I think that’s where our generation comes in…

  2. marketingsociologist says:

    2000 Pulitzer Prize winner Pete Chronis (Denver Post team) made this comment about the closing of Rocky Mountain News. Wait, it is a terrific comment, if you want it, go to http://marketingsociologist.blogspot.com/2009/02/goodbye-rocky-mountain-news.html

  3. mlmyers says:

    This post reminded me of a conversation I had a week ago with my mom about the different lifestyles different generations have. When my mom was growing up, there was no such thing as a microwave and there was only one family on her block that had a colored television. While I knew that these things hadn’t always been around, I had to laugh because of the dependence my generation has on these simple devices. Being a college student, my diet consists mostly of microwavable goods and there are four colored televisions in my home, not counting the two computers that also have television watching capabilities. This got me thinking about my future children. Are they going to laugh when I tell them the internet didn’t exist when I was born and that we got our news from a paper delivered to my house every morning? It is hard to think of something so central to our lives, like the newspaper, dying but this process has been happening for many years. The horse-drawn buggy was replaced by automobiles, the train by airplanes, records by cassettes then by cds they by mp3s then by iPods. There is a natural progression in this world of finding the next bigger and better thing and it will be interesting to see if newspapers will be lost in this progression or if they will continue to be incorporated into the next generations’ lives.

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