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President or Celebrity?

So for the past year(at least,) we have all been hearing news about Barack Obama. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always constant. While my intention is definitely not to cause a political debate or to rag on our president, I … Continue reading

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School, work, interning…who needs sleep?

The countdown is on. With only 6 weeks left in the semester many students are counting down the seconds until graduation, lucky for me (in my opinion at least) I’ve decided to stick around Walter’s for an extra semester to fulfill the … Continue reading

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Social Media & Changing Relationships

At the beginning of this semester I realized that a component of just about every single one of my classes was going to be social media. It was not until recently that I have begun to realize the impact that … Continue reading

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Social Media Netiquette

With all the talk of Twitter and Facebook and being careful of what you post on the Internet, I figure why not blog about Social Media Netiquette.  Netiqutte is basically the way you should and should not behave on the … Continue reading

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Twitter all you want, but remember people can see you

Twitter has really taken this nation by storm. It seems like ever since we learned about this “twitter” in PR class that is all people can talk about.  I find myself browsing people’s tweets constantly finding it entertaining and useful. … Continue reading

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