The Hunt

While hard at work simultaneously hunting for jobs and fighting off an impending quarter-life crisis, most of the time I’ve been spending online has been dedicated to… you guessed it, job searching! At the suggestion of my former boss (and current NYC, PR, music, life, etc. guru) I created an account on  It’s a cool site with good networking potential, but on first look I was left a little boggled by how to best take advantage of it.

Though I’ve known about LinkedIn for a a little over a year now, my previous history of addiction to social networking sites kept my desire for yet anohter account at bay.  That is, until I stumbled across this post by Amber Naslund that rekindled my curiosity.  

Though the post is technically about LinkedIn, her general tips and tricks got me thinking immediately how I could apply them to my new Jobster account.  The two sites are very similar, the main difference being their design.  The two seem to me the MySpace and Facebook of the professional social networking sphere.  

The post was very helpful in spurring some creativity to create a killer profile (or maybe profiles, now that I’ve unleashed a new wave of social networking accounts to keep me occupied).  The most resounding point I took away from her words of wisdom: your profile is all about determining what sets you apart and finding the best way to show that to employers.  These sites give you all the tools to showcase your writing skills and to link to your blogs, social sites, etc. 

My favorite Naslund tip?:

  • “When you pen your profile – especially the summary – think in terms of what you accomplished and what your goals are, not the tasks you’re responsible for on a day to day basis. Those are interchangeable for other people with your type of job. Instead, focus on what makes *you* and *your abilities* different than the next person with your same title. Write as though you’re the one looking to recruit you. What would you want to read? A job description, or a colorful picture of what you’ve done and aim to do?”

How about you Blogosphere? Do you use Jobster/LinkedIn? Which is better? Do you have any tips or tricks or success stories to share?

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2 Responses to The Hunt

  1. sekane says:

    I’m definitely on the same page! I am a strong believer, however, in that I want my job to find me. I want to be discovered like Jennifer Aniston in the laundry mat. I’m laughing as I write this because I know how ridiculous I sound, but I’m trying to stay optimistic in a job market trying to bring me down. I loved the tip in your post, especially about writing as though you are the one looking to recruit you. It is such a simple idea but very practical. I will never forget that I read that on your post as I continue to fill out applications. You hear all the time that you are your own worst critic. If you can impress yourself with a job applications, hopefully you can impress your future employer.

  2. plepkows says:

    I joined LinkedIn about eight months ago, when the University Relations recruiter at my previous internship encouraged me to create a profile to assist me in my hunt for future intern and full-time opportunities. She told me that one of the first things she does as a recruiter, is search people on LinkedIn and Facebook, to get a feel for the applicant’s personality. Knowing this, I think applicants should use social media to fill the personality gap that resumes miss. I agree with the original blog’s tip to use a personal, rather than a professional photo. I also think that adding links to personal blogs is helpful. I think both tips contribute to the point you emphasized, that it is important to highlight “what makes you and your abilities different.” Now, I am eager to edit my LinkedIn profile to reflect more of my personality, and how this personality contributes positively to my communications abilities.

    I have not yet tried Jobster, so I am unable to make an adequate comparison of the two Web sites. However, I plan to create a Jobster account. If there is one thing I have taken away from this class thus far, it is that social media is a powerful resource with profound effects, particularly to the field of public relations. As successful public relations professionals in training, it is our responsibility to learn about and to take advantage of social media to further our goals.

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