More than just movies?

When watching the Oscars last night, it was evident at many points throughout the ceremony how much more than just movie awards were involved. There are so many outside media components contributing to events like this, such as celebrity statuses and “gossip.” For example, we are all fully aware of the infamous Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston breakup. So it was obviously no coincidence that as Jen Aniston was presenting an award onstage, the cameras filmed Angelina Jolie in the audience sitting next to Brad. This shows how the outside media is always looking for a story, and will always somehow find one; especially at an event like the Oscars.

According to the blog PR Newser, “The Oscar PR machine,”┬áPR ┬ápeople are growing a significant amount within the movie industry. The post talks about how these professionals are more thoroughly involved behind the scenes then ever before, internally and externally, and how they could be one of the most important contributions to how much exposure a movie gets. The Weinstein movie Company for example has received so much attention over the years, apparently due to the PR work done to promote the upcoming movies.

In addition, the Oscars and many other Hollywood events are always flooded with marketing ideas and possible PR stunts. At the show last night, there were so many preliminary talkshows about what was to be expected, who would say what, etc. down to every little detail. There was an incident with Mickey Rourke on CNN earlier where he was talking about attending the 25th Wrestlemania event in Houston, but he didn’t want to comment on attending because he thought it might hurt his chances of winning for best actor. After the interview, there was much speculation as to whether the media was trying to plan a fake feud between him and one of the other wrestlers for the upcoming event.

With all the drama and craziness behind the scenes, you have to wonder how much of this awards show is really “real?”

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  1. haleypetersonasu says:

    I definitely agree with you in that how can we really determine what is “good publicity” versus “reality” when it comes to the world of cinema and PR. At the same token, I believe that the amount of critiquing and judging that goes into choosing the Oscar winner for a film is pretty much set in stone with the actual film. I don’t believe Mickey Rourke’s possible attendance at the 25th Wrestlemania event in Houston would have had any affect on his oscar winning abilities…to me, these details are just a side note and should have nothing to do with their acting abilities/ability to win or not win an award.

    Definitley food for PR thought though!

  2. drgilpin says:

    Good topic for a post. Fix your links, though, so that they are text links, and not just long URLs inserted into the body of your post. (Use the “link” button in the WordPress edit button.)

  3. mlmyers says:

    I think this is a good topic of discussion, especially with all of the attention people focus on Hollywood and the famous. Every time there is some type of controversy involving a star I always in the back of my mind think, “Is this a publicity stunt?” And I guess the true answer is that we never know. You can never see what is going on behind the scenes. To me this seemed like the job of a Publicist, but as I have come to learn, that is still a type of PR. So maybe all of the fame that goes along with the famous is the result of good PR.

  4. kmmorten says:

    This is definitely something to think about. When I’m at the grocery store, waiting to check out, I always read the headlines on the magazines about the latest celebrity gossip. Every now and then I find something that catches my eye and end up buying the magazine. (I’m a sucker sometimes.) Then, after I am finished reading the article, I wonder if it really is true or its just another way to get publicity. Not only that, but a large amount of our culture succumb into what’s going on in celebrities lives. I must admit, I like getting the juicy gossip on celebs, and oftentimes I wonder just how legitimate the information is.

  5. elwhite2 says:

    Great topic. Kind of refreshing to hear about a different industry… I think its cool how we as PR practitioners always have our eye out for PR stunts. We know what kinds of things to look for and we find PR in just about every industry. Hollywood is jam packed with PR stunts and so much behind the scene decision making. As for the Oscars, the awards portion of the evening is the shortest part. They spend the week leading up talking about what everyone thinks will happen and then the week following the event is spent talking about what happened. The Oscars is one big PR event and this is the first time it has really come to my attention.

  6. mgjersvi says:

    I used to work in film PR and it is definitely its own animal. We’ve all heard the Oscars compared to the Super Bowl. For film buffs and those involved in the industry it’s even bigger than that. It’s one of the only games of the year! I think that’s why every moment is analyzed ahead of time and afterword. The industries are actually really similar from a PR stand point. You’re dealing with human commodities (celebrities)and constant competition on and off the field/screen. I love the Oscars and I thought this year’s production was outstanding. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s soaked in drama.

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