Advertising Spends Money, PR Makes Money

It is a common theme among the Fortune 500 companies to have large advertising budgets and small Public Relations budgets.

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5 Responses to Advertising Spends Money, PR Makes Money

  1. mlmyers says:

    I like this post. One of the hardest things for me when I first decided I wanted to study PR was figuring out the difference between PR, advertising and marketing. It is amazing what an effective PR campaign can do for a company and since it is cheaper than most advertising it does seem like it should be a no-brainer. Hopefully people will realize that by the time we are all looking for jobs!

  2. kparma says:

    This post is completely valid. I agree with the statement that advertising focuses on a product through a narrow frame and PR focuses on the larger picture. I think that PR definitely takes into account the aftermath of a campaign, where as advertising focuses more on that particular product there and then. To me, it seems that it’s more rewarding to focus on a larger picture on a larger scale as opposed to a narrow glimpse. PR is completely beneficial and this post makes me glad that I chose the field and path that I have.

  3. jejepson says:

    A lot of times when people find out that I am studying PR, they ask if it is just like advertising. I usually have to explain how it is different and how sometimes PR worries about the bigger picture and the after effects of the advertising campaign. In today’s economy when business are making cutbacks, PR is as important as ever. Using PR businesses and organizations are able to achieve the goal of getting their name or product out while still attempting to stay afloat. Many time traditional advertising is expensive and when cuts are being made, it is not something that a lot of money can be spent on. That is where PR professionals can be beneficial.

  4. sekane says:

    I also agree with this post. PR is something that is often hard to explain to those who don’t study it. Sure, we all have long drawn out explainations we learned in our first PR class: Managing relationships through strategic communication (often said in many ways, but always coming back to the basic definition). This can be hard to explain to others who don’t study what we do. In my new job as PR director for our undergraduate student government, they expected much less from me. They thought I’d be getting ads in the paper and putting signs up. PR is so much more than that. Advertising is just putting the word out there. PR is sending a message and hoping for a response. What I do besides putting ads in the paper costs much less and is much more effective. I couldn’t agree more with the title of your post 🙂

  5. gbohulan says:

    Amen to that! The client we are working with is Paradise Bakery and Cafe, and in our client meeting we learned that they do not spend money on paid advertising. Their marketing and promotions is all done within the actual store. They do however hire public relations agencies such as, Barclay Communications, to take care of PR and garnering media attention. Good PR and the “build it and they will come” attitude has kept them in good business, even with the struggling economy. So those big companies should think twice about cutting their PR budget!

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