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More than just movies?

When watching the Oscars last night, it was evident at many points throughout the ceremony how much more than just movie awards were involved. There are so many outside media components contributing to events like this, such as celebrity statuses … Continue reading

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Bringing the PR basics to the digital world

I think it is safe to say that we, as future public relations professionals, are obsessed with social media. With Facebook, Blogger, YouTube – and our new favorite Twitter – it seems social media is PR’s latest buzz word. It … Continue reading

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Road to Redemption- Docu-series or PR strategy?

I discovered a new reality series the other day.  I usually just flip through these shows only stopping to watch a few seconds of them, but this one inparticular seemed to captivate my attention.  MTV’s reality special TI’s Road to … Continue reading

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Marketing is Evil, and PR practioners are Spin Doctors

When people ask me my major, and I answer, “public relations”  some look at me like I just said, “I am majoring in shooting puppies.” I believe the image of public relations and marketing is getting better, but the history … Continue reading

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The power of a "thank-you"

I was raised writing thank-yous. After every birthday and Christmas my mom would bring out the thank-you cards and sit me down with a pen to write to my aunts and uncles, grandparents, godparents and friends. Back then I thought it was annoying and … Continue reading

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Paying for news?

In Tim McGuire’s Business & Future of Journalism class, there was a discussion about how much people are willing to pay for their news. The debating ranged everywhere; from full subscribers to micropayments, down to no payments at all. I … Continue reading

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