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Who Owns Social Media?

I first heard the term “social media” in JMC 301: Intermediate Newswriting.  I was considering a story on text messaging and my teacher said I should point it in a  “social media” direction.  I had no idea what she was … Continue reading

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Is our Twitter addiction something to worry about?

In a way I find our addiction to social media hilarious. This is quite fitting since we are all learning about Twitter right now. Has anyone been about to go to bed and their laptop is 3 feet away and … Continue reading

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We are PR Practitioners, Not Ambulance Chasers

Charlotte Risch made an interesting post  in last week’s Valley PR Blog, she claimed that PR practitioners may be the new “ambulance chasers” replacing lawyers, who were previously attached to nickname. The derogatory term, in short, is defined by TIME magazine as a lawyer who persuades … Continue reading

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Chris Brown- PR Nightmare?

By now I am sure that everyone has heard about the incident that allegedly took place between singers Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Was anyone else as shocked as I was when all we heard for a week after the incident … Continue reading

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