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Digital Proof is Stronger Than a Verbal Statement…

I came across this post “ Be Careful What You Post”  by Peter Shankman on his blog talking about the dangers in posting your own opinions on a company blog. There was a specific situation where a Ketchum employee was … Continue reading

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Has word-of-mouth been replaced by word-of-text?

Today, I stumbled upon a blog by Dan Wool, a regular contributor to the Valley PR Blog, about Jeff Goodman’s launch of his new word-of-mouth marketing company, Blabbermouth. Goodman, a former actor and New Media Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, created … Continue reading

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Truth in blogging

With blogging becoming such an important part of media and customer relations, many people (like myself) are being forced to learn the intricacies of blogging if they want to survive in the world of PR. Doing so gives many advantages … Continue reading

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Be Cool, Go to School!

Now that my senior year is dwindling down and graduation is just around the corner, I have been asking myself, ‘what’s next?’  In Seth Godin’s blog, What is School for?, he lists all the reasons why people go to school.  … Continue reading

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