Technology becoming something to master

With social media becoming more and more a part of the PR profession, the mastering of technology is a must. With new advancements in technology happening everyday how is one to keep up with all of it? In a recent blog post on PRsquared by

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2 Responses to Technology becoming something to master

  1. drgilpin says:

    I don’t know which team authored this post–can you please edit the category?

  2. dfishfel says:

    I think this database is a great idea. Technology is moving so fast it’s even hard for us younger people who are used to it to keep up, imagine how hard it is for the older generation of PR practitioners to keep up. I think that having a place that tells you everything about new technology will definitely benefit the PR industry in so many ways. It is so much easier to go to one place to find out everything that have to figure it out on your own. I also think that its worth mentioning in a blog so the word can spread.

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