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What Does a Logo Say About You?

There is a lot of emphasis put on storytelling in PR.  So how do you tell a story?  Can a logo tell a story for you?  I think it really depends on how you decide to display your logo to … Continue reading

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Who's Speaking for You?

I stumbled upon a blog by Len Gutman writing for Vally PR Blog (right here in Phoenix) called Choose the Right Person for Your Product and thought this might be a good topic as we were discussing in class the … Continue reading

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How much can you really find online?

The Internet is clearly something that has evolved drastically over the past decade. All professions must deal with the adjustments that the Internet brings. It makes me wonder what life in an office was like before everyone had their own … Continue reading

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This week's posting ideas

I will be coming back to this post as I come across more suggestions, so check back here if you’re looking for ideas. I would love for someone to post about the Pepsi rebranding campaign, which is being discussed all … Continue reading

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Will Your Character Save You?

This blog on Crisis blogger alludes that if you have  good character, any mistakes you make will be forgiven. I can not say I agree with this 100 percent, but a good reputation certainly can help in the event that … Continue reading

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Ten Easy Steps to Presenting

  Putting together a powerpoint presentation for the purpose of promoting an idea or campaign can be quite daunting if you don’t know what your doing.  With little time, you have to sell yourself in the best way possible, making … Continue reading

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Becoming Familiar With Various Media Outlets

I found a blog written by a PR student at the University of Oregon and I thought it brought up a valuable point, one that I am often guilty of.  That article is called Naming Your Media and it points out the … Continue reading

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