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McDonalds- PR Gold

TALLfore. I love that companies that are huge are big because they followed basic marketing rules.  I came across a blog on Communication Overtones about learning PR at McDonalds.  First of all, have you ever thought that you could go work … Continue reading

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Crisis Communication

I found this blog about crisis communication and thought it was fitting since this is what we have been learning in class. The three rules they discuss in the blog are important ones to follow. This post links to a … Continue reading

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PR, Relationships and Barack Obama…

First I would just like to say that I LOVE how every blog I looked at, no matter what aspect of PR it was talking about somehow related to Barack Obama winning the election last week. I know American Politics … Continue reading

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The ugliness of layoffs and how to deal with it

Most of us have heard or read the stories about how the economy — both national and international — is falling apart.  The media is filled with stories about new industries wanting to be added to the bailout plan and … Continue reading

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The Digital Age

I read a blog this week that really got me thinking about how impersonal communication has become. We are living in the digital age when sending an email or a text message is preferred over communication in person. Well, this blog talked about … Continue reading

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PR and Wikipedia

I came across this post on PR Squared that discusses the ethical use of Wikipedia by public relations professionals. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia created by people who are knowledgeable about a certain topic, and it can be edited and … Continue reading

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PRWeb in Plain English

The best presentations are those that tell a story and relate to an audience at an emotional level.  Often PR practitioners propose solutions or ideas that will ultimately result in positive outcomes.  By incorporating unique creativity into a presentation, the … Continue reading

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PR and the public good

With so much emphasis on Public Relations as “spin,” only used to make bad situations appear better than they are, I found an interesting post about Public Relations being used to contribute to the public good. On the PR Studies … Continue reading

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For those short on posting ideas

Remember that every week I post, and regularly update, a list of potential blog topics. This week’s “ideas” post is here. One of you is even mentioned in a linked blog. Posts taken from my “suggestions pile” are worth a … Continue reading

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Marketing and Public Relations, are they interchangeable?

Like many of you I am going to be a college graduate in December. I will soon have to spread my wings and get a big kid job. Therefore I have been looking for jobs lately and I feel like … Continue reading

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