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I love that companies that are huge are big because they followed basic marketing rules.  I came across a blog on Communication Overtones about learning PR at McDonalds.  First of all, have you ever thought that you could go work at McDonalds for minimum wage and receive a life lesson on PR?  The way that McDonalds has become so big is simply because of consistancy.

If you go to a McDonalds in Oklahoma it will be identical to a McDonalds in Tokyo.  It is necessary to create a brand for your company or product.  You go to McDonalds and expect to get in and out- if you go through the drive through you expect it to take less than two minutes.  The reason that you expect that is because McDonalds has a 2 minute rule for the drive through, they even have a specfic order that they will hand your food to you when you pull up.  

If for some reason they are more crowded than any other day the employees have to immediately swtich into crisis management.  Then you think to yourself—does McDonalds really have to deal with crisis within the restaurant on a day to day basis?  Well for one thing- they have to be ready for anything and because they are ready for anything it will not be noticeable when they solve issues because they are thought through.  

All together I never really thought to highly of McDonalds, but that is mainly because their food is disgusting and not healthy ( I could go on…) so I never thought too far into the restaurant as a business.  The business side of McDonalds is genius.  Not many places could say that their companies present them selves and execute day to day business in North America as they do in Korea.  It is amazing how they have accomplished this and held onto it through branding.

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