Creating a Personal Brand

With most of us being on the verge of graduating and entering into the ‘real world’, I found a particular post to be quite interesting.  This post caught my eye because it mentioned the idea of personal brands. While we always talk about building the corporate brand image, the idea of personal brands really never gets addressed.  Thus, I found it a novel idea that needed further probing.

Some interesting points that I found in the blog was the comparison of hollywood actors as personal brands.  He talks about the fact that when movie producers select specific actors for a film, they are in essence buying a personal brand, one that will hopefully help to launch the film’s success by utilizing the social network that the actor has.  The actor inevitably brings along their own followers and media that will gain attention for the film even if the audience has no interest in the film itself.  This allows for the actors with large and success personal brands to be most sought after.

This I think can directly be related to pr professionals.  As we are on the brink of looking for a job in the public relations industry, an important thing that you should have is a personal brand that gives you the edge over your competitors.  Bringing your own social network and publicity to a company can swiftly launch your career in the public relations industry.

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12 Responses to Creating a Personal Brand

  1. davemerenda says:

    For some reason, I could not connect to the post that you are referring to. However, what you say makes good sense. I am not sure that a social network would be beneficial. Maybe a professional network would be better. Also, I think this goes for any job, not just PR.

  2. asbrooks04 says:

    I agree that at this point, being a new graduate, it would be more beneficial to have a professional network. This isn’t a new idea. People have been talking about the importance of networking, particularly for students, forever because it is notoriously hard to get “your foot in the door” after college.

  3. knish21087 says:

    I think that having your own social network will definitely benefit you in this industry. Most of the conversations brought up in my journalism and mass communications classes are related to networking. Most of the time people are more likely to hire you based on your connections. Connections not only help when trying to get certain stories published or getting the public to notice you, but they also show that you have had experience in the industry.

  4. erikanp2004 says:

    I agree with you that a personal brand is very important in any industry including public relations. While having your own professional and/or social network to bring to employer is great, I think it goes beyond that. A PR practitioner’s reputation in professional and personal environments is very important to the building PR practitioners personal brand. Then the actions of a PR practitioner in both those environments is vital to the preservation of the personal brand.

  5. brittz87 says:

    I also agree that it is very important to develop a personal brand. I think that one of the best ways to do this is through networking. It is vital for a person to not only put themselves out there, but create a true personal interaction. Public Relations definitely involves developing brands and putting one’s name out there. I think this post is great and it really makes me consider that I need to make myself more marketable.

  6. dfishfel says:

    I also am in total agreement with the post and the responses. It is very important to establish yourself independently from your company in this industry. You need to network yourself as much as possible to gain success. Networking is key, it’s important to have connections, and you need to make sure that people think of you in a good light and as a professional.

  7. cclark2 says:

    At my first internship, my boss told me that you are a marketable product. It is important that you are always careful about the way you portray yourself in the professional world. You also have to find a way to effectively market yourself. Essentially a personal brand is your reputation and you must protect that.

  8. mekelly1 says:

    I think this post is dead on. Establishing your own brand and reputation is important in any field. Networking and establishing yourself in the industry is what makes you successful.

  9. lbridge says:

    Your own personal brand seems to be a really important factor in the work force these days. Regardless of what field you are in it seems to be necessary to kind of make a name for yourself and make yourself known. This is especially important in PR it seems though because a lot of what we do is based off of word of mouth and getting yourself out there which are both ways of kind of establishing your own brand.

  10. bkranz says:

    I agree. I think that having a “personal brand” is important in making your resume more than just words on a paper. Especially as seniors, we should be looking for the unique aspects of our work to create some sort of brand. It seems like a difficult thing to do but it’s very important to separate yourself from every other college graduate.

  11. trentonhorne says:

    After my first internship for an entertainment promotions company, one of the owners decided to break off and start his own company under his own name. I continued to work with him but wondered how he would jump start a company based off of his own “personal brand.” I soon found that he not only had a lot of connections in the industry, but he also had a pretty established reputation among the audience he was aiming for. This allowed him to put his own personality and image behind the events he sponsored. Most of his clients were gained through networking and his own personal image and he has remained successful even though I no longer work for him. Most 20 and 30 somethings who are at all interested in the Scottsdale/Tempe nightlife would probably know his name, though I won’t mention it here. I think he is a pretty good example of successful personal branding.

  12. ksorensen19 says:

    I definitely agree that it is important to have your own personal brand and network that you can use when you enter the real world. Connections are such a huge part of this industry and being able to brand yourself as a reliable and useful professional is vital to your success in the industry.

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