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Nine Ways to Avoid a Pitch Slap

Pitching is a vital part of Public Relations and includes building relationships and appeal for the benefit of the client.  I came across a post called, 9 Ways to Avoid a Pitch Slap from Valley PR Blog by Dan Wool who … Continue reading

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Big Three Bailout: What about your consumers?

I’m sure I’m not the only American sick and tired of hearing the phrase “bailout” repeatedly throughout the day. In these harsh economic times, it’s nearly impossible to escape it. For lack of a better way to describe it, I … Continue reading

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Tom Peters on Presentations

Being able to give a strong presentation is one of the key factors to pitching a PR campaign.  There are quite a few amazing public speakers out there for us to learn from, Tom Peters being one of them.  I … Continue reading

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Creating a Personal Brand

With most of us being on the verge of graduating and entering into the ‘real world’, I found a particular post to be quite interesting.  This post caught my eye because it mentioned the idea of personal brands. While we … Continue reading

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Let's Talk About Ethics, Baby

So, I stumbled upon an interesting blog this week about journalists giving public relations advice to paying clients. This practice has been brought to the forefront of ethical issues as of late due to Dan Abrams leaving broadcast journalism behind … Continue reading

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Twitter Idiots

I found this article, called Twitteriocy, relevant since we just talked about Motrin neglecting the power of Twitter (and all other types of social media) earlier this week.  Written by Jeremy Pepper,  he expresses his frustration with the fact that … Continue reading

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The Future of Public Relations

As I sat down to write this blog post tonight I had no idea what topic I wanted to delve into. Having attended the side-panel earlier today I was inspired by the notion of how the mediascape is changing and … Continue reading

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Creativity is a must!

Amy Tan talks about our inner creativity in this presentation.  I thought this would be beneficial for a good presentation to review, but also to get ideas on how to be creative in our life, which can help when you’re … Continue reading

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Technology becoming something to master

With social media becoming more and more a part of the PR profession, the mastering of technology is a must. With new advancements in technology happening everyday how is one to keep up with all of it? In a recent … Continue reading

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Why it pays to be a geek in PR

While browsing the blogosphere, I came across a blog posted on The New PR, titled “Why it pays to be a geek in PR.” The title alone captured my attention, thus I read on. In this blog, Ryan Anderson explains … Continue reading

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