Who is part of the media?

Have you ever actually wondered who the media is?  Sure we are exposed to the radio, television, newspaper everyday, but is there something beyond that?  On PR Squared I found a posting that discussed who exactly the media is composed of.  The reason you use media is to get information, hopefully creditable information.  The media uses the Internet to relay their information to a bigger audience by posting videos and articles, etc.  Where does the line stop on who is a medium?  What I am trying to get at is, are bloggers a medium?  Bloggers are credible most of the time.  Bloggers are people who are passionate about a certain topic and they research their information and have strong opinions on each topic they discuss.  It is hard not to fall into their opinions and agree with them, the passion grabs you and sometimes makes you take part in their point of view.  I wonder if at one point bloggers will become a main part of a legitimate way to collect information.  Of course there are different types of bloggers, but there is also different types of news sources that might not be considered media exactly.  It is just weird to look into the future to see how things can possibly change in the world and the way we obtain information and use it, as well as how we classify it in our lives.

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  1. erikanp2004 says:

    I do not think that bloggers will become a credible source for journalists, students or professionals to cite anytime in the near future. If I read you post correctly that is what you were getting at. As you said it is hard for readers not to be persuaded a bloggers opinion. I find this to be huge red flag. If a reader is so easily swayed by the opinion of one person, I would bet that opinion is highly one-sided. I think reading blogs can give a person a better and more dynamic perspective of a specific issues but I do not think bloggs should be used as a cited source.

  2. drgilpin says:

    Your team posted twice this week, and none the week before. Remember that for posts, weeks go from Saturday to Friday; commenting from Wednesday to Tuesday before class.

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