Some resources for 417 students (and others!)

PRSA has its own blog, ComPRehension. Right now it’s covering the PRSA convention in Detroit, so you can read about some of the latest goings on in the profession. They even have some podcasts of presentations you can listen to. (Class posts based on content from this blog will receive full credit, since I’m only mentioning its existence, not pointing to a specific post.)

Presenting information effectively is a very important skill, not just in public relations. “Infographics” refers to graphic designs that are meant to convey information in ways that are both clear and appealing. Smashing Magazine offers a few examples of infographics that might give you some ideas for your final proposals. And if you would rather work with a visual tool when figuring out what to write and how to organize it, either alone or in collaboration with your teammates, you can try setting up a free account at Spinscape.

Nervous about the job interview process? An interview with the HR director at Edelman, posted at PROpenMic, may help clarify things for you and give you some useful tips.

(The above are all resource suggestions, not potential blog topics.)

Now, for some potential topics if you’re scrambling, or interesting reading if you’re not (I may add to these throughout the week, so you may want to check back):

  • Framingham State College sent out an… unusual fundraising letter that has been widely criticized. Was it a mistake, or are they being judged too harshly?
  • Colin Farrington of CIPR says that public relations, and communication in general, plays a key role in advancing human rights. As is the case with many blog entries, the comments are at least as interesting as the post.
  • US Department of State spokesman Sean McCormack is willing to answer questions from the public via YouTube. Good PR move or potential blunder?
  • What are the critical issues in PR today? Once again, it seems to come down to the unknown quantities of social media.

Happy blogging.

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  1. agilliam says:

    I actually just returned from the PRSSA National Conference! It was an amazing experience, and I took away a great deal from it. I think PR is lucky to have such a professional and highly reputable organization to be a part of. PRSSA has directly gotten me internships as well as a scholarship. Am I plugging PRSSA? Yes. Think about joining, today! 🙂

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