Social Media Is As Easy As 1-2-3

According to Kami Huyse at Communication Overtones, starting and maintaining a company’s involvement with social media can be done in three easy steps. I have to say, though I am not a huge fan of social media, I understand its importance and can appreciate the information in this blog post. While the steps are very self-explanatory (listen, participate and contribute), Kami goes into detail on how any why these steps are important. Within the post are links to other helpful sites. The information Kami provides is quite helpful for anyone trying to make better use of social media.

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  1. cate415 says:

    I found this blog post to be quite helpful as well. It mentions some great points about how one cannot simply just write a blog and think that their contribution to social media is complete, instead however, it discusses the importance of contributing to other blogs and expressing feedback. One point that I found particularly important is that it mentions you should look at not only blogs in your field of study, but also expand your horizon by looking at blogs of topics you are not aware of. This is a perfect way to expand your expertise and utilize social media successfully.

  2. agilliam says:

    I find it interesting that social media is something our generation is assumed to know everything about. Since it is new, and hip, and somewhat started by myspace, it seems taken for granted that we know how to work it professionally. For most of the students in class, however, this is the first experience actively engaging in social media professionally (it is for me). So I think that this blog brings up great points to work on. Because as I am learning through this process, blogging is much more than writing down what you are thinking. It takes time and research and needing to be on the pulse of what it is you are talking about, if you want it to resonate at all.

  3. kamichat says:

    I find it intereting that agilliam points out that the new generation of PR pros s expected to know everything about successfully operating in social media. Truth be told, the fundamentals of public relatons are still very much in play and you need those first. Social media tools do allow the facilitation of the two-way model of communication. While it is very much a part of th epractice today, tse tools are not the end-all-be-all, but rather part of the toolkit.

  4. ambrewe1 says:

    I believe that although taking these steps towards gaining social media very simple, it’s not necessary. When I read the first step and how you are to read on-line journals, blogs, posts, etc, about you or your company to know what’s being said, I found it to be unnecessary. It make me think of the show Living Lohan where it goes into the lives of Lindsey Lohan’s familiy. The pilot episode talked about how Dina Lohan (lindsey’s mom and manager) looks on the web for anything that talks about her daughter negatively and threatens to call lawyers if it’s not taken down. I realize Dina is doing this to protect her daughter and those in the business world do this to know what’s being said about themselves, but I just think the entire process is absurd and time-consuming. Also, I don’t think social media is all about looking about what others say about your company like these three steps suggest. It’s important to look at competitior companies, or established companies to see what’s being said about them. The idea of her blog was good, but I think she could have expanded her thinking a tad more.

  5. wackyzachy47 says:

    I love how this blog makes it sound so simple, to start up a social media aspect to your company. In fact, if you think about the amount of time and effort it takes to get this all started and going. Even if there is only “three easy steps.” To me, if it is time extensive, that is not very easy. I like how the past few comments have stated that social media is not everything to PR. That makes me feel better, because right now, when our class is being inundated with the social media options, it is nice to remember that while these are valuable assets that you can bring to your company, they are not the end all, be all.

    Because of this class I feel like the whole world is twittering now, but in fact I realize now, that it is not. As I have commented in the past, I sometimes feel like anything more than Facebook just it too overwhelming.

  6. esimarsk says:

    I agree with many of you in the responses above. It’s amazing how much I have been hearing about “social media” this past semester… in classes and while interviewing for internships and jobs it remains a major point of discussion. It’s interesting to me how something started to be a “social” tool is now considered somewhat of a fundamental tool for business, in PR and beyond. I do believe it can be helpful in the professional world, but there are many other aspects that are far more important. Perhaps social media can be as easy as “1-2-3”, and that’s nice to hear because not everything else is.

  7. mara2009 says:

    Kami’s three steps are useful and simple to follow. However, I do think the necessity of a blog depends more upon the type of organization and how damaging its press is. Even without the use of social media, I do think that each company should monitor its press coverage — including coverage from ordinary (not journalists) citizens. Doing so keeps the company one step ahead of its competitors and gives it an idea of potential threats to its future. Monitoring also helps it better meet the needs of its consumers because it knows what they’re saying about it.

  8. lbridge says:

    I think this blog makes it seem way too easy to start up the social media part of a company. It takes a lot of time and effort and I am sure that means that it really isn’t as easy as this blog makes it seem.

  9. amyfoley1975 says:

    I think that social media is quickly taking over the PR profession. That is why I found this blog helpful. If we do not learn now how to participate actively in social media then we will be lacking in skills necessary to succeed as a pr professional. In class we spend a lot of time talking about social networking and how to build upon the sources you currently use. I think more people should take this new form of media seriously.

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