PR on the brinks of a change

In a post on PR Studies blogging site, Recession Proof PR, I was reading about the affect of the recession on the PR industry.  It was interesting because it was one of the first posts I have seen that look at all aspects.  They didn’t just discuss the industry for businesses but they also included Educators and Students in the analysis. 

For students they basically stated to not get frustrated that the baby boomer population maybe didn’t have all the right answers, but instead we could change how PR works.  I think that is very true.  Students that are graduating now have tons of ideas and ways to expand the industry just because of the way we all grew up, internet being developed in our years of learning, it lets us know that there are no limits on what we can do. 

In the section that the blogger wrote to teachers they basically instructed that teachers have to change their way of educating students.  The way they should change it to is to not be formatic about what they teach.  By this he means don’t explain the right and wrong ways to do things, but rather explain the ideas of things and have students develop their own opinion on things.  The author said that this could get confusing to a student, which I agree.  I already get frustrated in class when I don’t understand something and it takes days to finally get but I couldn’t imagine if the teacher was PURPOSEFULLY doing this to students.  It almost seems like it should go against the code of a teacher, not sure if there is a code of teachers, but I hope you get what I mean. 

Finally, the author talked about the businesses dealing with PR, which we have all heard about before.  It seems like the recession won’t give PR a bad wrap at all, rather just not much business for a bit.  In the end it will roll back around where businesses need PR agencies to re-establish businesses legitimacy in order to maintain respect. 

It seems like things will be a little backwards for a bit, but in the end things will straighten out and maybe even improve with the new faces going into the industry with fresh ideas.

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2 Responses to PR on the brinks of a change

  1. kakeane says:

    I’m really glad this blog addressed how the economy’s downturn will affect PR students as well, especially since most of us will be entering the job market in a few months. I agree that our generation will be able to lend fresh ideas to the industry that will only be able to move it further, and hopefully to improve its reputation in the process. Our experience with the Internet, which oftentimes the generation before us looks at as a valuable skill, often seems like just an ordinary, everyday thing for us, but we really hold an advantage. We have the opportunity to be innovative, while still knowing how to use the traditional PR tools, that will still come in handy from time to time.

  2. mara2009 says:

    PR will always be useful. A bad economy offers innovative practitioners opportunities to be creative and make a name for themselves. Industries or companies with negative images always need help to redeem themselves in the public eye. This is where PR professionals come in. Students need to learn to take in as much information as they can and that nothing is set in stone.

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