Pictures are worth a thousand words

As we enter the world of PR, it is very important to know what’s gong on not only in our immediate society, but the world around us. Whether you choose to practice PR locally or internationally, it’s important to be aware of as much that’s going on that we can. Although in Kristen Ashburn’s presentation she rarely talks, I think it’s a good point to bring up as we begin to work on our own presentations for this class and learn traits to use in this profession. This presentation contains many graphic pictures from her trip to Africa. The message here is to make us aware of the Aids epidemic in Africa. Kristen, from the beginning speaks softly; however, she gives a serious mood to the presentation. The reason I love this presentation is because there is about a minute of nothing but silence and pictures scrolling. The pictures themselves speak louder than any statistics or facts she could be saying. I thought this was a creative and influential way to do a presentation and have the message loud and clear. In a book by Garr Reynolds called Presentation Zen, he talks about how to have an effective presentation. One thing he mentioned that made me choose this presentation was when you use Power Point, you always want to incorporate stories. Can you think about your own client and come up with any stories for your presentation? Do you think having the right picture in a presentation can say more than anything you can say? Look at this presentation and think of what you can take from it. 

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2 Responses to Pictures are worth a thousand words

  1. erikanp2004 says:

    While I think that images, graphs and picture highly increase a presentaion I do not think every presention can have 1 min. of just pictures. For my groups presentaion I do not think we have the right picture to say what we want to say. Although I do think that that the right graph could have just as much impact. I think we can make a good graph from the information we get out of our survey.

  2. bkranz says:

    I think this is a really great topic to bring up. They say (whoever they might be) that actions speak louder than words, but that’s what pictures represent right? Actions. The idea of creating a presentation based around pictures is a great one. It is a way of having an audience take away something more than your words, something visual to remember it by. While I am part of the group mentioned above and I do agree, our client would not be best represented through pictures, there are certainly other clients who would. Non-profits, AIDS organizations, among others, would be well-represented through images. Many people learn best through visuals, what better way to speak then through images?

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