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Names can never hurt you…?

In the PR Conversations blog, Catherine Arrows’ post “Time To Bend Gender Attitudes for Social and Professional” change, she discusses the role of women in the PR industry.  She explains that in a few recent events she has attended “feminization of … Continue reading

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Jeremy Pepper, blogger of POP! PR Jots, takes a stab at laying out rules for Twitter-ing. His rules were derived from his lack of tolerance for Twitter-idiocy. As an avid Twitter-er, Pepper outlines his set of laws for the Twittervese in … Continue reading

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Mena Trott: Building a friendlier world through blogs

The best presentations are those that tell a story and relate to an audience on an emotional level.  Often PR practitioners utilize presentations to propose solutions or ideas that will generate positive outcomes.  I found a very interesting presentation on … Continue reading

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Search Engines

By Iris Pr Jeremy Zanwodny has a blog that mostly discusses certain types of technologies.  One blog in particular caught my eye called Yahoo! Search Taste Test.  Since searching the web to find relevant PR blogs and other trends of the … Continue reading

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How to Doom a Career in PR

In Kristen E. Sukalac’s post, “I Haven’t Got Time” or How to Doom a PR Career, posted in the PR Conversations blog, she discusses ways that a PR professional sets themselves up for failure.  She says that while many PR … Continue reading

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PR lessons learned from working at McDonalds

I came across this post from 2006, What I learned about PR from McDonalds, written by Kami Huyse from the blog, Communications Overtone.  Huyse recounts her teenage years of working at the fast food restaurant and what those years taught … Continue reading

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A silver lining in uncertain times?

Everywhere I turn I seem to hear discussions about the poor economy and how unfortunate we are to graduate at a time when the economy is changing for the worse and good jobs are hard to come by. This concept … Continue reading

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Manipulation of Media and How to Sort Through the Facts

With the mass amounts of information now available on the internet, it is getting harder and harder to search out facts versus rumors and opinion. I found was directed to a New York Times article through Glass House’s review of digital … Continue reading

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Facebook, iPhones and Other New Avenues for Communications…

As I have seen in my tenure here in college the use and necessity of cell phones and facebook has exploded. This past weekend, I went on a trip to California to ASU take on (and summarily get slaughtered by) … Continue reading

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The Art of Presenting

 After hundreds of times going in front of a group, whether small or large, I seem to always get an intense amount of stage fright overwhelm me at the very thought of a presentation.  My normally calm, outgoing self always … Continue reading

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