Mena Trott: Building a friendlier world through blogs

The best presentations are those that tell a story and relate to an audience on an emotional level.  Often PR practitioners utilize presentations to propose solutions or ideas that will generate positive outcomes.  I found a very interesting presentation on by Mena Trott called, Mena Trott: Building a friendlier world through blogs.  Trott is the co-founder of Six Apart, which allows individuals, media, companies and other organizations to create blogs and interactive communities.  Her passion for blogging is evident in her speech as she discusses her personal life and the reasons people relate to blogs.  As she tells stories about herself, she visually supports each aspect with relevant photos and graphics.  Often times these tools add humor to her presentation.  As a result, she effectively adds color and meaning to her story.  And Trott is no stranger to the human experience since her personal blog covers happenings in her day-to-day life.  In fact, she learned to promote herself so effectively through everyday storytelling that she became widely popular online, even receiving a blog award.  As PR practitioners, it’s important that we also find ways to appeal to stakeholders and pitch presentations in a manner that relates well to the audience.

During Trott’s presentation she explains the growing influence of blogs in the world.  Her PowerPoint slides display articles, magazines and blog sites to keep the flow of her story moving.  For example, she cites a blog that posted flaws about Kryptonite locks, which resulted in the company taking action to fix these elements for their consumers.  Trott makes the point that blogs can have great influence in today’s society.  She skips being highly technical in her presentation and focuses on stories and examples of blogs changing the way people do business.  Mena Trott is an engaging, funny speaker and this presentation is a prime example of what good presentations should be like.  For PR professionals like us, it’s useful to watch this video for unique insights into blogging as well as Trott’s effective presentation skills.

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  1. ambrewe1 says:

    Before I get into Mena’s actual presentation, I need to comment on the wardrobe choice. I think that part of doing a presentation means that you have to first look the part. Although she wasn’t unprofesional, I do have to say the brown boots with the brown skir-suit made from suede was hideous along with the flower headband meant for a seven year old. I only mention this because in the first few minutes, althoug she was charasmatic and had a lot of visuals in her presentation, the outfit was a distraction. Now onto her actual prestation. Overall well done. I was distracted by the constant moving from side to side, but that was it. Mena put heart and soul into this presentation and you can tell through her slides and he way it was delivered. She wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself to make the audience more comfortable and apart of her life. Although the presentation was about 18 minutes long, I found it to be rather short and I would have kept watching had there been more. Mena delivered well and aside from the wardrobe malfunction and the excessive fidgiting, this presetation was motivating and informative in a vey creative and lively way.

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