Jeremy Pepper, blogger of POP! PR Jots, takes a stab at laying out rules for Twitter-ing. His rules were derived from his lack of tolerance for Twitter-idiocy. As an avid Twitter-er, Pepper outlines his set of laws for the Twittervese in a very simple, clear way in his blog called Twitteriocy.  I am fairly unfamiliar with Twitter, I do not have an account nor do I know much about this form of social media. However, Pepper does a great job of outlining the purpose, use and benefit of being involved in this world as well as the vital aspects of being a smart-Twitter-er.

One thing that significantly stood out to me in Pepper’s blog is that he confronts the fact that social networking sites, such as Twitter, are not for everybody and certainly not for every corporation. There are some companies that are way too big and have too many legal issues to be involved in something so intimate or casual.

Another point that Pepper makes, that I agree with is that it is important to be personal while Twittering. I think in all forms of communication it is more beneficial for the recievers to know the message is coming from a real person, not a faceless corporate entity. 

Lastly, a rule that I absolutely agree with in regard to social networking, is be personable and be responsive. In order for social networks to be effective, responsiveness is vital. I think that although Pepper’s rules seem simple and could be considered common sense, it is important that people involved in social media recognize them and consciously make an effort to follow these guidelines.

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  1. ccharvey says:

    I like how Pepper addressing the issue of “misuse” of social networking sites. I think that once certain things go mainstream, everyone person, company and corporation is anxious to get a piece of the action. It is really important to acknowledge that using Twitter may not be the best outlet for every company and they shouldn’t be so eager to do something that everyone else is doing.

  2. cate415 says:

    Twittering is definitely a phenomenon that can help the world of social media advance in a positive direction if done right. Some good points were brought up in the article, for instance ‘being personal’. Without personalization in twittering, the idea of ‘virtual connectedness’ would not be able to exist, and in my opinion, this would defeat the entire purpose of social media. Thus, by using twitter effectively, it can be a powerful tool of connecting the world.

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